6 Things I Love Doing On A Sunday To Have A Productive Week

I love Sundays, I've written about my undying adoration for the day so many times that I probably sound like a broken record. But there is just something so wonderful about the day, nothing seems stressful or rushed on a Sunday and you're allowed to get on with your day at your own pace. For me, Sunday is always a mixture of a working day and a day to myself to potter around and get general stuff done and then there are a few things I love to do to make sure I'm prepared for the upcoming work week and I'm excited to share them with you today. 



When I picture having breakfast in bed it's a very luxury affair with me dressed in a huge white robe and a huge tray full of pastries and pancakes. Of course, that's far from the reality of what actually happens. Nestling myself back into my sheets and cranking my electric blanket up high to ease the chill of the frosty mornings with my cereal and coffee in tow is something that I savour and look forward to. Sometimes I like to read in the morning, mostly in the week as I have to look at a screen all day for work so don't want to start my day by staring at something. But on a Sunday it's the busiest upload day on YouTube so I always make sure to tune into some of my favourite channels. 


Lately, I've been getting back into my exercise routine properly after really not doing anything steadily since around August. I've been taking a much more low impact approach to fitness and it's been making things so much easier on my body as well being a lot more enjoyable. Something I've always felt is incredibly important when it comes to the topic of fitness is making sure that it's something I really enjoy rather than dreading it. Even if I'm not made it to the gym at all during the week I always try to make sure that I go on a Sunday as it sets me up for a good day and I'm much more likely to go during the rest of the week if I go on a Sunday too. 


Washing my makeup brushes and having a root around my beauty stash and switching things around is a habit that I've had for years and it's by far one of the best parts of my Sunday. There is something so cathartic to me about washing my makeup brushes, being able to reach for them on a Monday morning and them not being full of product and subsequently not working as well as they should. As it's the festive season my beauty rotation has taken a little bit of seasonal twist and I can't help but reach for all of the glitter and shimmer. 


Things like changing my bedding, having a proper hoover, dusting and all that other fun household stuff is something I always try and do on a Sunday. Of course, I potter around during the week so I'm not living in a complete pig sty but Sunday is the day for the big clean. I'm someone who is super sensitive to their surroundings and working from home means that if my space is messy and that's what I have to try and be productive in then it doesn't bode well and I never work to my best. Usually, when I'm bumbling around I'll pop on a podcast as it's pointless putting on a tv show as I'm never going to be able to focus on it and miss things so podcasts are the perfect cleaning companion. I'm also trying to get into audiobooks at the moment as it's a great way to get a few books ticked off my list whilst still being able to do other things. 


The amount of admin that appears once you get to a certain point of adulthood is slightly overwhelming and then add being self-employment into the mix dedicated admin time is a necessary part of my week. As it's obviously not the most riveting subject matter I try and make it a little more exciting by putting on whatever TV show I'm watching and settle down to get shit done. It's really easy to put off admin but I always find it such a relief to get it out of the way and then it doesn't turn into a terrifying mountain. As well as getting all my business and general life admin done I like to plan things out too which leads me to the next thing that I always make sure I get done on a Sunday.


I live by my to-do lists and I know that some people cannot stand them but if I don't have a master to do list as well as a daily one. I don't tend to get much done because I get overwhelmed within about 5 minutes if I don't have a plan of action. Here are a few ways to make sure my to-do list is actually something that makes my day more productive: 

  • I make multiple lists and prioritise them with what tasks need doing first.
  • Break the tasks down and include every step that has to be completed.
  • Don't make them overcomplicated, there is nothing scarier than a to-do list longer than your arm.
  • Keep your work and life lists separate so you don't go from answering e-mails to doing the washing. 
  • Make the tasks specific. So if you have 'write a blog post' maybe write 'write a rough draft for Friday's post and add links'.

What are your favourite things to do on a Sunday?

R x

Rebecca WarrinerLifestyle