Soothing Spot Prone Winter Skin

I can't say Winter is the best season for beauty upkeep everything seems so much more difficult. For example wearing a coat when you have long hair is a sure fire way to achieving a dreadlock within a few hours and you end up spending up to an hour desperately trying to coax it out of your hair every night. And then of course what the ice cold winds, the air conditioning and baltic temperatures do to our complexions. My skin always struggles in Winter, it's always it's best in Summer but without fail when A/W hits I'm much more prone to breakouts and it's not quite sure what it wants to be. So here is a rundown of some of the products that I've found prevent you from feeling like your face might peel off and can also help with troublesome blemishes too.

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CLARINS HYDRAQUENCH CREAM MASK: A cream moisturising mask is one of the kindest things to slather on a sore complexion. Especially after a long day when you've been dipping in and out of brisk winds and air conditioning. Clarins are always a brand I know I can rely on when it comes to comforting products and this mask is no exception. The formulation is very much like a thick moisturiser but you layer it on and leave to work it's magic for however long you see fit. Upon removal you just simply wipe away and you're left with a complexion that feels hydrated, soothed and plumped. So often moisturising masks can be too heavy and are problematic for spot prone skin but this has caused me no irritation, quite the opposite in fact. 

ANTIPODES MANUKA HONEY MASK: Deep cleansing masks are a staple part of my routine and my skin relies on them to keep on top of congestion as that's one of my main skincare concerns. The Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask is something that I speak about often and it's mainly due to the fact I don't think there is anything else like it with what it can do for the complexion. It brings all the crap that's in your pores to the surface without leaving you with a face full spots after using it and the honey is not only a natural antibacterial but it helps to nourish the skin too. Clarifying clay masks are typically very drying to the skin which is the last thing anyone wants in the winter but this is the perfect mix of deep cleansing and hydrating. 

CAUDALIE VINOSOURCE RECOVERY MOSITURISER*: After using up the last of my Jurlique Redness Rescue moisturiser I knew it was time to reach for the heavy-duty stuff for the upcoming months. This moisturiser from French brand Caudalie is everything I need to soothe my sore winter skin. It's not something that is going to work miracles and leave you with a complexion so fresh that you would think that you've grown a new face. But what it does do is still pretty amazing, it feels so wonderful and comforting when you massage it into the skin as it's a thick heavy cream. But it's not something that makes you appear greasy and even though my skin is typically oily this doesn't make me produce more sebum or lead to breakouts. It keeps my complexion feeling nourished all day and night, I never get that tight uncomfortable dry sensation when using this which is something that's common in the cooler months and it sits wonderfully under makeup. There are a number of different formulations in this moisturiser range to suit whatever skin type you might have. 

HYASOFT INSTANT MOISTURE BOOST*: A serum or a treatment is something that's an integral part of my routine all year round but especially in A/W. I've made my way through quite a few in my stash and I've returned to using the Hyasoft Instant Moisture Boost which is to put it simply is a hyaluronic acid serum. Very much like the cult classic Hydraluron [to be honest, I can't tell a difference between the two]. It's a gel consistency which means it feels incredibly cooling on the skin and blemishes but it still gives you all the moisture and comfort that you might need. I absolutely love using anything with hyaluronic acid in as it instantly helps to sooth and calm my skin. 

DR GOLDFADDEN DOCTORS SCRUB*: A quicker disclaimer before I wax lyrical about the scrub, it's incredibly expensive and I don't think £65 for an exfoliant no matter how amazing is worth it. We all know that I favour a chemical exfoliant over anything manual but this scrub from Dr Goldfadden is something quite unlike anything else I've used. I reserve this for when my skin is really going through the ringer with blemishes and they're dry and flaking and generally dragging my complexion down. It sloughs away any dead skin cells and even though it's not the most gentle skincare product I've ever used I'm not left with a sore and irritated face afterwards. It contains ruby crystals [I haven't got a clue] and hyaluronic acid which means it helps to main moisture in the skin rather than strip it away and the red tea is an antioxidant. 

ANTIPODES MANUKA HONEY SKIN BRIGHTENING EYE CREAM*: Eye creams are something that I'm still on the fence with, I never quite know if they're making a difference or not. But one that does feel incredibly comforting to the skin around and on the eyelid is this new release from Antipodes. It's a new part of their popular manuka honey line and it feels exactly the same as the mask but it's a cream that you pat in under the eye. Every single winter without fail I will get dry patches on my eye lid and just underneath my brow. It doesn't matter what type of moisturiser I'm using either they still come and make applying makeup in that area nye on impossible. I've been quite liberally slathering this under my eye and up onto the lid which isn't normally where I like to put eye cream or think you're supposed to apply it but it's been clearing up those dry patches a treat. It's something that will probably take a while to notice a difference in terms of firmness but I'm a big believer that prevention is more effective than cure. But as it is so hydrating it means under my eyes is looking a little plumper and that stops them making me look so tired overall. 

What products are your favourite for spot prone winter skin?

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Rebecca WarrinerBeauty