6 Things I Never Wanted To Love But Now I'm Obsessed

Something that you might not know about me is that I'm pretty sceptical. And it's not always a negative thing I'm just not that easy to feed hype to and I always have a million questions that I tend to ask. Even though I love pretty packaging and do have certain preferences when it comes to material items there are certain things that I'm not very quick to believe in. There have been a few things that have come into my life lately that I've thought there is no way that I'm going to love this and come out the other side completely converted. And here are the things that I didn't really want to love but now I'm a smitten kitten. 


If you follow any fitness bloggers online you will have probably heard something about the ridiculously expensive Lululemon Align Pants. And part of me can't quite believe that I'm writing about them because nearly £100 for some workout leggings makes me feel slightly faint. Although that price isn't all that out there for a pair of workout pants as if you buy Nike or New Balance full price they're also pretty expensive. The align pants are like nothing I've ever worn before, they're so beautifully soft and contour every bit of the body with ease and do I even need to discuss how wonderful they make everyone's bum look? Bare in mind [or don't] mine is more wobbly than ever and it still looks pretty great. I've heard a lot of people complain about them pilling but that isn't something that I've had any issues with as of yet. And whilst I might like to tell myself that I would ever spend that much on a pair of leggings, if they stand the test of time [more than a year], are flattering and feel awesome to wear then I'm swaying towards another pair. 


For so long I thought these bags were overhyped even though I always really liked the look of them I just wasn't sure if they were a bit of a fad. I'm sure you've seen them around, they're a very popular style and probably one of the reasons that the backpack has had a slight revival in the past year or so. Which is great news for all of our shoulders as I'm sure if you're a female [or a guy] you will know the horrible feeling of constantly putting your shoulder up even when you're not carrying anything so it's nice to get things somewhat evenly distributed across the body. Once I took the plunge to purchase [they aren't cheap] and used it a few times I completely understood why people loved these adorable backpacks so much. They wear so well even though they don't always feel that substantial they are and fit in a considerable amount of stuff. And there is something way too satisfying about using a bag that allows you to use both arms.


Considering I was once a girl who couldn't stand exercise a fitness tracker certainly isn't something that I ever thought I'd be into. After discovering the Health app on my iPhone and seeing the measly amount of steps I was doing on the days that I wasn't going to the gym it made me really interested to see how much I was moving around in a day. So I purchased one from the brand UP that I used for a couple of years and it gave me a real good kick up the bum to get moving around a little more which is exactly what I needed. They aren't a necessity by any means and they definitely are a luxury but they're such a good way to motivate yourself into moving around a little more. And even though I've never tracked my calories or counted what I'm eating it's really interesting to know what I'm burning. I'm currently using a Fitbit which I think I prefer to the UP as it allows you to track motion a lot easier, therefore, having a more accurate calorie burn result. 


There aren't that many beauty products that I've really not wanted to love but the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara was one of them. When it was first released there was so much hype around it and whenever something is really hyped up online I just tend to switch it off. I also hated the name and I still can't stand it because well why does it have to be so crass? But it truly is a fantastic mascara, it does great things to my lashes and even though it's high end it is one that I think is totally worth it. When used with a light hand you can achieve a really beautiful fluttery doe eyed look but then you can really amp it up to achieve a lot of volume and lift. And even though you can build it up so much I don't find that I struggle with clumps at all. Nor does it smudge or flake down onto the skin which is a real pet hate of mine when it comes to mascara. There are plenty of wonderful mascaras on the lower end of the price spectrum and a lot of that I use but this one is wonderful if you are looking to splurge.


For a long time, I openly disliked the standard Nails Inc Polishes because no matter what I did they would not stay on my nails and it was so frustrating. Especially when a nail polish is over the £10 mark you really want it to stay around on the nails. It wasn't until I used the Nail Kale polishes from the brand that they actually stay put and they perform beautifully on the nails. They are a wonderful formulation that is thick, creamy, opaque in a couple of coats as well as being nourishing to the nail, so there isn't anything not to like about these polishes really. Of course, being from Nails Inc they are a little more expensive but when a nail polish is high quality I never mind spending a little more.


Candles, in general, aren't something that I ever really got into until I was in my 20's and then I became a little obsessed with them. And for a long time, I stuck with cheap IKEA candles and then whenever Yankee Candle would have a big sale I would stock up. I could never ever imagine spending upwards of £40 on a candle, as let's be honest you are quite literally setting money on fire although granted it smells wonderful it is never going to be a necessity in life. I try and buy myself a fancy candle once a year as a big treat to myself as it's not good to fall into the habit of relying on them to scent your home [unless you have a very large amount of money that you can just spend how you please without worry]. And I usually get a good 6-8 months from either a Jo Malone or a Diptyque and whenever I know I want a really big pick me up I will always set one alight and let them flicker away from an hour or so. The good thing about luxe candles typically is that they throw their scent really well even when they're not lit. 

What are the things you absolutely adore that you never thought you'd like?