6 Ways To Make Doing Adult Tasks Way More Fun


When I wrote this post about why no-one is that great at adulting something I skimmed over were all the joyous tasks that come with being an adult. Most people I know always did chores at home so knew exactly how boring doing the washing up is but when you live by yourself and everything is your responsibility then it's a lot different. We all have to do those tasks and they're not very fun but very necessary and here are a few ways to make them a little more enjoyable.


Doing things like the hoovering, the cleaning, the washing, the dishes, taking the bins out, washing the windows, getting hair out of the plug and dusting [the bain of my life] are all things that have to be done. And they're all tasks that probably don't fill us with excitement even though I'm someone who does really enjoy having a potter around having a tidy I can't say that I feel elated about taking the bins out. So having a little reward system even though it might sound a little childish can be a great way to make it a little more exciting. I either go for a pick n mix or I like to schedule in some time to read. I also make sure my boyfriend and I share the load when it comes to housework. Working from home meant it was really easy to fall into the trap of just doing everything because I'm at home but I think it's important to make things a little more equal [for us it is anyway, I can't say how other people choose to share things when it comes to housework].  


I love podcasts and there is nothing better than having one on in the background throughout the day. I listen to them when I'm walking the dog and working but my favourite thing to do is when I know I've got a lot of housework to do is to pop one on. And the great thing about podcasts is that you don't have to give them all your focus to enjoy them. You can just have them on the in the background unlike a tv show or YouTube video where it's all too easy to lose focus. Some of my favourites recently have been;


Even though I adore podcasts to have on in the background they are pretty low key and you can't exactly get pumped up to do a lot of serious cleaning to them. Putting on your favourite album [loudly] and just getting down to business is the best thing I've ever done to make me want to clean the bathroom [apart from taking out the bins and hoovering the stairs it's my most hated household job]. Some of the best albums to clean to are;


Ok, so cleaning is obviously part of being an adult and having a house but also when it comes adulting comes a lot of admin. Sorting out bills, finances and if you're self-employed chasing invoices, taxes and all that other fun stuff has to be done. And getting all that stuff done is something that requires quite a lot of time so I always like to pop on a series whilst I sit at my desk and get it all done. I never realised just how much admin came with being an adult. Here are a few things that I've been watching lately; 



Long gone are the days where I could set aside time to watch YouTube and nothing else. Now the only time I get a chance to catch up with my subscription feed is when I've got something to do and can have it on in the background. Weirdly it's normally when I wash the dishes and can have my laptop set up on the counter [far away from water] that I catch up with some of my favourite channels. I also do this when I'm washing my makeup brushes as well as I'm sure we all know how dull that very necessary task is. A few channels I'm currently enjoying are;


Whilst there are a few things that can make the most boring of adult tasks a little more enjoyable if there is one thing I've found to be important is to make a little bit of plan so you know exactly what needs doing. I tend to have part of my to-do list dedicated to what needs doing in the house and it's something that I've found to work pretty well as that way I don't constantly forget which bin day it is. Something else I try to do is try to do little bits every day so I don't have to dedicate hours to cleaning the entire house and then it ends up working itself into a little cycle. It's not something that will be able to work for everyone I'm sure but if it can then I find it way easier than having to have one mammoth clean every week or so. 


Do you have any ways to make adulting that little bit more enjoyable?