7 Awesome Things To Appreciate This Season


Even though the winter blues always hit me pretty hard this year has felt a little different. I've found myself appreciating everything the season has to offer a little more. As I know I'm not alone with my dread for the 3pm sunsets I thought I would share my favourite things about the season. 



I wrote an entire post about it being the season for stationery but nothing excites me more about the end of the year than the potential of new paper products. So things like a new diary is, of course, an obvious option and then a new calendar to display on the wall or your desk are things that make my heart flutter. Something else I always make sure I do even though I start a new diary and wall calendar is to start a new work notepad. I love when the first of January rolls around that I'll get to open a fresh notepad to fill with my ideas and to-do lists. And if you're ever struggling with gift ideas for someone in your life then stationery is a fail-safe option and is always a practical purchase that won't go to waste.


With the nights drawing in and the temperature dropping on a daily basis there is never a better time to dig out your favourite comfort food recipes. If there is one thing I can never deny this season is that is that it has the best food options on offer. Personally, I always like to go for a hearty pasta dish and grilled cheese is a dietary staple in December.


I'm not too much of a TV watcher all year round and prefer to find a show on Netflix to binge my way through. But when it comes to December and the colder months, in general, there is some awesome festive viewing material broadcasted. From old classic movies that we grew up watching to Christmas specials, who else is seriously excited for The Miniaturist on BBC1 on Boxing Day? Personally, the highlight of my Christmas is always Wallace & Gromit being aired and the festive episodes of The Simpsons.



Of course, I have a penchant for pretty products all year round but I feel like the cooler seasons is where beauty really comes into its own. You no longer have to worry about your foundation sliding straight off your skin from the blistering sun and can experiment a lot more with your products [bearing winter skin in mind of course]. And if there is ever a time to wear every glittery product you can find it's now, there is no such thing as too much sparkle. 



For the first time in a long time, we've had snow in the UK in December. And if you hadn't guessed by everyone's excitement on every social media platform we love the snow. Of course, we love it until it causes some serious disruption or we have to drive in it. Then we're not quite so elated about the white stuff. But getting to see the snow and generally having a little more seasonal weather is something I've thoroughly enjoyed. The past couple of years we've had oddly warm weather in winter and even though the cold can be tough to handle for a long period of time I'm welcoming it right now. 


I'm a homebody all year round, it doesn't matter what season it is I love to stay indoors. Because when it's icy cold outside the thought of getting out seems less than desirable so many switch into homebody mode. And there are so many awesome things that you can indoors, staying in doesn't mean you're boring. Some of my favourite things to do are; read, write, binge-watch a Netflix show, declutter, organise and bake.


Now I appreciate that not everyone has downtime over the festive period and for some, it's their busiest season. But most of us are able to take a few days away from the grind and I for one am seriously excited to do so. Taking a step back if you're able to is so important and there is never a better time to do so then now. Most companies are winding down for the year anyway so the temptation to sit at your desk becomes less and less appealing. My favourite downtime activities are very much like my most loved things to do at home when homebody mode is fully activated but mostly I get excited to spend time with my loved ones.


What are your favourite things about the season?

Rebecca WarrinerLifestyle