7 Beauty Products That I Can't Make My Mind Up About

Sometimes the relationship that we have with certain beauty products isn't always that easy or straight forward and that's exactly what today's post is all about. I'm going to be chatting about all the products that I just can't seem to make my mind up about... 


A foundation that has such a large faithful following and one that I've only just tried is Nars Sheer Glow*. It's been a favourite of so many of my favourite bloggers for years and years and whenever something has that big a following it's safe to say you only expect amazing things. And the first time I applied it I was pretty disappointed, considering this is a high-end base it doesn't really behave like one and didn't look amazing on the skin. And it's not fair to judge a base on just one application but even after a few I'm still not quite seeing the fascination with it. I like the formula, it's easy to blend and the coverage is nice but there is just something about the way it sits on my skin that isn't ticking all the boxes for me. 


I adore the Fresh lip balms and any regular reader of my blog will know this but this lip treatment is a little odd. And it's pretty expensive, much more than the usual balms and I don't think it's anywhere near as good. This doesn't feel that great on application, quite watery which didn't make it feel kind or nourishing on the lips which is exactly what I want from my balms. Its main aim is to support the lips in anti-ageing and help with the appearance of fine lines and I can't say that's something that I'm too bothered about. Of course, if you do want that from a lip product then it might be of interest. But for the price, I'm not so sure and there are much better products from Fresh.


There are a few liquid lip products that I like and I've fallen for gloss more and more over the past few years. But if there one thing I'm just not that sure about its matte liquid lipsticks. And I understand the allure of them as I'm sure nobody has all the time in the world to constantly check their lipsticks ok. So something that's going to stay put and is relatively easy to apply is something that probably grabs our attention but for me, they're not what I want. In theory, I think, yes, wonderful something I don't have to worry about sliding around my face but I also don't want something that is going to dry down super hard on my lips and make them look dry and flakey. So I think maybe I'll just stick to glosses and cream liquid lipsticks from now on.


I'm not sure there is an American vlogger out there that I've watched in the past 8 years who hasn't mentioned this blush at some point. And I was so excited to try it, the colour I will admit isn't quite right for me as it's so peachy and all the swatches that I'd seen online didn't make it look like this. So I knew that it was going be tricky to wear as I'm not one for peachy blushes really. Whenever I've used this there has always been a lot of fall out and no matter what brush I've used I still can't achieve an even finish. Even though I know this is somewhat of a budget blush I did think it was going to better in terms of formulation.


Whilst I absolutely love sheet masks and what they do to the skin. I'm still not quite sure I can get on board with them in terms of price and the fact that you can only get one use out of them. It's probably because the Western world is still somewhat new to the world of the sheet mask that they're very pricey for just one skin treat. And if you are a lover of the sheet mask then one of the best things that I've ever found is looking on Korean beauty websites as they're so much more affordable than the well-known skin care brands in the UK. They're not a necessity in anyone's skin care routine that's for sure but they are a really fun treat and like I said, have always worked beautifully on my complexion.


Last year I really fell for the Lancôme cushion foundation and again it's not so much the product that I struggle with it's a number of things. I am wary of the hygiene element of a cushion product as you're using the same sponge and then it's damp in the container. And then they do dry up pretty quickly so unless you're only going to be using that product every day then it's probably not something that you're going to want to purchase. I absolutely love the Lancôme cushion foundation for how easy and effortless it is to work with and the beautiful finish that it provides but there are a few draw backs. 


Years ago, I found my perfect mascara in the YSL Babydoll mascara and obviously because it's quite expensive and I've wanted to explore some new options I've never purchased it again. And I've been trying the YSL The Shock Mascara lately and what it does to the lashes is pretty incredible, I can't deny it. It makes my lashes look so much fuller when they have been looking slightly sparse with minimal effort and stays put all day without smudging or smearing. But it's dried out so ridiculously fast and for the price, I just don't know if that's something I can get on board with. I can usually get 6-8 months out of a mascara which is the amount of time I feel comfortable using the same tube anyway. But I haven't even been using this for 2 months and it's getting pretty dry and clumpy, such a shame as it's so wonderful in its formulation. 

What are the products that you can't make your mind up about?

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