The Dresser Of Dreams


After what felt like the worlds longest search for a dressing table I finally found one. For two years I scoured everything from charity shops to Gumtree to IKEA and well everywhere and anywhere I could think of. But nothing took my fancy and it's something that I'm very fussy about. I didn't have the space for anything huge nor did I want to something gigantic and nothing in terms of design was really jumping out at me until I wandered past a little vintage shop in a local village and fell in love with this piece. So here's a little tour and the details of my new dressing table because I love a good snoop in where others beauty stash their products away.


So the dresser is originally from the 50's or 60's, I'm not quite sure but I absolutely love it. It's the perfect size to store all my makeup and skincare without worry but it's not so big that it takes up a tonne of room. It was originally a pine colour and not in the best shape but the store where I found it also up-cycles furniture. It's mainly shabby chic esq which is nice but not really what I'm into so I asked for a more polished finish with the paint job. I went for a duck egg blue after much deliberation as I have so much white furniture and I thought it would compliment the rest of my space perfectly as I also have a lot of greenery too. As well as the dresser I also got to pick a chair of my choice and I went for a white one, I thought it might be a bit too matchy matchy if it was also green. I can't remember what the specific design of the chair is but it's absolutely beautiful. All together for the dresser, chair and for it to be painted it cost me £50, which is a complete steal. And it's awesome to be able to give something old a new home instead of purchasing something brand new. 



Of course, when it came to styling the top of my dresser I had to incorporate some greenery into it and I moved my dried eucalyptus onto it. I bought it back in January and I could probably do with picking up some fresh stems as these are a little too dry now. As well as some greenery I've popped my makeup brushes in their old Diptyque jars on the top with a few bottles of perfume scattered around. I may move them at some point as they are in the sun a little too much for my liking but for right now they're ok. I've tried to keep it as simple as possible with minimal clutter whilst still having a few items on top. Then all my makeup items live in the top drawer and all my skincare that isn't in our bedroom lives in the second one.


  • Utilise any old pretty boxes you have to keep all your beauty products separate. 
  • Don't stuff things in the back of drawers, it makes it so easy to lose and forget about items. 
  • A cutlery holder also works amazingly well. 
  • Try and keep your products away from sunlight as much as possible. 
  • Go for practical over pretty as hard as it is.
  • Avoid things being near the radiator. 
  • But on the flipside don't let them get too cold. 
  • If you are able to keep your nail polish in the fridge then do so as it stops them going so gloopy, especially in the summer. 
  • Be aware of dust getting in your products, especially on top of your brushes and regularly give them a good deep clean.  

Are you a dresser type of girl? Where did you find yours?

Rebecca WarrinerInterior