Awesome Things To Do This Summer

Being the [safe] sun worshipper that I am summer is, of course, my favourite season by far. Everything just feels so much better in the sunshine and people are always so much cheerier. As in the UK our Summers are often a little unpredictable we have to make the most out of them and here are some of my favourite things to do. 

  1. Go to a Botanical garden. 
  2. Be a tourist in your own city or a completely new one. 
  3. Join the National Trust and go somewhere you've never visited before. 
  4. Grab your camera and go and take some stock photographs for your blog. 
  5. Pack up a picnic. 
  6. Get experimental with salads and try different variations and try to incorporate fruit into them. 
  7. Do yoga outside. 
  8. Go for a walk after work and soak up as much vitamin D as you can. 
  9. Have a BBQ. 
  10. Let your hair go heat free and try some heat free styles. 
  11. Start a DIY project that you've been meaning to do for a while. 
  12. Go on a bike ride.
  13. Have a board game night outside one evening. 
  14. Put together a car boot sale and have a big clear out. 
  15. Join your local library and stock up books to read on those blissfully warm days. 
  16. Have a big clear out and Spring clean your space. 

What do you love to do in the summer?

R x

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Rebecca Warriner