8 Things I Really Use Every Day Without Fail


-this post contains gifted items-

The term ‘must-have’ has been so overused in the blogging world that it’s hard to know what people are really using and what they just like to have around as a just in case. My daily essentials have certainly changed a lot over the years that’s for sure, now I’m the human to two precious little sighthounds and I find myself walking through the woods more than I do sitting in a coffee shop tapping away at my laptop I have way more practical daily essentials than I do pretty. So from dog walks to what I use when I’m sat at my desk, these are the things that I really use every day at the moment...




When it comes to really muddy winter walks picking appropriate footwear can be difficult. Wellies are great but I often find they lack support on uneven ground which is something I’ve found myself needing more as I get older. This pair of boots from Muckboot have been perfect to get me through the rest of winter. My ankles feel supported but they’re still incredibly comfortable and can handle any puddles that I’ve come into contact with lately and trust me, there’s been plenty. And typically walking boots aren’t the most stylish part of your wardrobe but these are beautiful and something I'm sure will see me through many years.



A question that comes into my inbox regularly is what I dress the dogs in. Whippets and other sighthounds require a coat in the colder months, they have a really low percentage of body fat and a single layer coat whereas 95% of the dog world have two which helps keep the warmth in. The girls lovely fleecy jumpers come from Redhound for Dogs, Debbie makes the best whippet attire on the market as it’s practical but stylish too. And then we have their collars, due to their long slender swan-like shape they can easily slip out of collars so we go for a martingale style from Brindle & Whyte. Again, they’re practical and stylish and the best collars I’ve found for dogs with incredibly fine fur like Edie as leather collars can rub her little neck bald.


radley grey shoulder bag (gifted)

After getting fed up of stuffing my coat pockets full of poo bags, treats and all sorts of other stuff I gave up and finally decided to start taking a bag out with me. I’ve had this lovely grey bag from Radley for years and it’s the perfect size for most of the walks I go on. If I’m taking out with my camera or going to be out for a few hours then I need a backpack for sure. This fits everything I need in and it’s comfortable to wear, the strap is thin but it doesn’t dig into my shoulder at all even in the warmer months when I have bare skin. If you have two dogs or more then you will know how beneficial it is to have your hands free and a bag enables me to do that as well as not leaving treat dust in my coats.



I won’t bore you with the usual work things I talk about like the tech I use as nothing has changed in the past few years. I’m still a devoted Apple user when it comes to my phone, laptop and desktop computer and then I use the Canon 700d with a 40mm lens for 90% of my images for this blog and my Instagram but there are a few other things I rely on every single day when I've got a to-do list to tick off…

Screenshot 2019-02-19 at 20.07.19.png


I’m a big stationery lover, we all know this by now. My current notepad of choice comes from the brand Rollo, their logo is a little sighthound which obviously makes me love it just that much more. This is where I plan my days in depth as well as any brand projects that I’m working on as well as the blog posts I’m working on for the week. I used to really love small notepads but now I find myself wanting things a lot bigger so I can go into way more detail without overwhelming myself by spreading my day onto multiple pages. The paper quality of these notepads is lovely, you can use a thick-ish pen and it doesn’t show through the other side which is a such an annoyance of mine when it comes to any type of journal. They’re on the pricier side of things but if you know someone who loves sighthounds and stationery it would be the perfect gift.

stojo re-usable cup

I’ve been a loyal user of my Keep-Cup for years but I tend to reserve that for hot drinks only. Day to day at home I like to use my Stojo cup as it’s got a straw and for some reason, something as simple as a straw makes me up my water uptake an incredible amount. Even though I like to use this at home it’s ideal for on the go because it’s collapsible, the only downside to taking a reusable cup on the go is that they can be quite cumbersome and take up a lot of room in your bag whereas this collapses down to the size of the lid! I know in the summer when I'm out with the dogs this will come out with me daily.



I don’t use a crazy amount of beauty products each day, especially if I’m not wearing makeup (there’s a skincare routine post coming your way soon) but something I am vigilant with is hand cream. Especially because it’s been pretty cold as of late and I’m a terrible anxious skin biter so my hands need all the love and TLC it can get. This product lives on my desk and it’s perfect for using throughout the day as it gives my skin the boost of moisture that it needs but it doesn’t leave my hands feeling really greasy which is an absolute no-no for when I’m either writing notes or tapping away at my keyboard. And of course, the delicious almond scent is an added bonus as it’s my all-time favourite when it comes to any type of body product.


I’ve mentioned the Fresh Sugar lip balms probably over 100 times at this point but that is a true testament to how much I adore them. The tinted ones are up there with my most used beauty products of all time but the one I use every single day without fail is the clear one. It nourishes the lips but doesn’t make them sticky or tacky which is key at this time of year because when I’m outside and it’s windy I don’t want my hair stuck to my lips. The fact it contains an SPF makes this product unique in my collection, it’s so easy to forget how important it is to use SPF on your lips but if you’ve ever burnt that area you will know how important it is as it’s incredibly painful not to mention damaging.


what are your daily essentials?

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