9 Products That Have Got To Go

After moving all of my beauty products over to my new dresser it gave me a chance to have a good look through absolutely everything that I own. There are a lot of things that I've sorted out to give away but then there are a few things that I've set aside to use up as some of them have been hanging around for a little too long. Some are long term favourites of mine too but I'm a little unsure that I'll repurchase them when they're done and gone.


I've had this perfume in my collection for nearly 4 years and the reason why I've had it around for so long is because it was my special occasion scent. Jo Malone is obviously a luxury brand with luxe fragrances and it doesn't matter what mood I'm in whenever I use onr of their scents I can't help but feel at least a little bit uplifted. Blackberry & Bay is such a wonderful scent and I'm on my last dregs of it and it saddens me that this has gone off a little bit now. Which is my own fault because I've had it around for so long and let be a lesson to anybody who is a sucker for savings things for best, sometimes it can ruin your products. This is a scent that you can definitely wear all year round although I've always preferred it in the A/W due to the blackberry and the cedarwood. As it's aged it's not my favourite JM scent anymore but one I'm sure I will go back to once again.


I only got this tinted balm back in March or so and I love the original Bagsy balm which has full-time residency in my desk drawer as it's just so easy to swipe on throughout the day as it's in a twist up tube. And I've barely used any of this but the reason that it's got to go is that I'm pretty certain it's gone off. I have no idea how as it's always had the lid securely on and it hasn't happened to my other balm which is a couple of years old. So this isn't one that I'm going to be able to use up until the end and one that I'm going to have to get rid off which is such a shame as it's such a beautiful balm when it wasn't all dry and weird. 


I've mentioned this primer so many times but I'm finally near the end of it and I stand by every single word I've ever said about it. It's such a good primer no matter what the state of your skin for keeping your base not only looking but feeling fresh too. It feels exactly like a moisturiser on the skin and can easily double up as one in a pinch as it's got some really lovely skin benefits. But under makeup it's absolutely beautiful or alone for that matter.


This is a thick nourishing do it all balm that has been a staple on my bedside table for years. It's very much like the Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream if you're a fan of that [but cheaper]. No matter what condition my lips are in I know this will return them back to normal and provide a thick layer of protection over them which makes it so good for evening use. When I was regularly running and it was quite cold I used to slather this on before heading out as it created an amazing moisture barrier. Like any balm with this consistency, they don't have the longest shelf life and this is probably going to go off soon and it's too good to waste.


I've been pretty good at getting through my oldish skin care products to make way for anything new. And something that I've had been in my stash for a while is the Pestle & Mortar lightweight moisturiser, it's actually an anti-ageing product. Which isn't something that I have much interest in right now and regardless of that fact it's a really lovely product. It's very lightweight on the skin but it still packs a punch with hydration as well as containing some awesome antioxidant ingredients to help battle against the daily stresses the skin goes through. I'm not sure it's something that I'd pick up again as it's quite pricey and there are cheaper options on the market that I prefer.


I absolutely adored this shampoo when I first started using it and I still do for that matter. It smells absolutely divine and what it does to my hair is amazing. Hydrating, slightly volumising and just overall an awesome product but I really need to make an effort to use it up as like most hair products I've managed to get through the conditioner faster than the shampoo and I hate mixing and matching. I try and switch back and forth between my shampoos as much as possible because I don't want my hair to get too used to something as it's so fussy.


I didn't know what to expect when these blemish pads from the brand Medik8 arrived but they're without a doubt some of the best I've ever used. Typically I just stick to Pixi when it comes to my exfoliating toners as I know they work so well and have a few different types in the range. The Medik8 pads are a salicylic acid which is one of my favourite ingredients for directly fighting spots and this has kept my skin super clear over the past couple of months. Out of all the chemical exfoliating pads that get talked about online, I've never heard about these and they're fantastic. As I'm trying to keep my skincare routine as stable as possible I'm determined to get to the end of these but I'll be sad to see them go even though I've got some exciting things to try next.


If you've been reading my blog for a long time, I mean 4 or so years you will know that I've always enjoyed rosewater in my skincare. I've been through countless bottles of the Jurlique Rosewater and I never quite knew how much good it was doing and it's probably just an item that made me feel good rather than making a tonne of difference. I've had this bottle of rosewater toner in my stash for a long time as it came in this dreamy limited edition bottle and I've just not had the heart to use it up. And obviously, I can use up the product and keep the bottle but I just need to get past the adorable packaging and use up the product inside as that's what matters.


I've honestly lost count of how many times I've mentioned this lip balm because it's without a doubt my most used and most loved lip product of all time. And I've not got too much left of it so I've been using it sparingly and it's beginning to smell. Which means it's definitely time for it to go and it breaks my heart ever so slightly. Because even though I absolutely adore it I know I shouldn't buy it again until I've made my way through some of my other lip products as then they'll only end up going off. If you've not heard my many, many rambles about this product basically it's a heavenly tinted balm that packs the same punch as a lipstick but has the nourishing properties of a balm. And it's the most beautiful dirty pink that compliments my skin perfectly and goes with any makeup look. 

What products are you currently using up?

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