The Style Anti-Haul

After writing my beauty anti-haul I was itching to do another one, what can I say? There is a lot of things I'm not a big fan of. And style is an area I find tricky and it's probably because I'm pretty simple when it comes to the way that I dress and so often I see things that come into fashion and I'm just a little bit like huh? So here are the style pieces that I'll more than likely never buy...


I really love the Bardot style and think they really look beautiful on other people but whenever I try and wear that style I just don't quite look right. And it's just not just how they look on me that I don't love I also find them a real faff to wear. I can't be bothered to constantly keep arranging my top and making sure that it's not ridden up and looks dishevelled. Like I said, I adore them on other people and think they can look absolutely beautiful but argh, such a faff to wear. I also don't think they're an easy item to transition into other items either. 


If there is one thing that Instagram has made me want it's a straw bag. I've seen them absolutely everywhere this summer and part of me desperately wants one and then part of me thinks they're so impractical. Especially those very beautiful Cult Gaia bags that look stunning I can't deny that but how impractical are they? And then if you have to put another bag inside doesn't that ruin the look of them? Anyway, straw bags, I love the way that they look but you can realistically only use them in Summer and also if they're not lined you're going to get a horribly scratched hand getting your things out.


Sliders are something that I've come around to kind of liking. But if there is one type of slider I'm not a fan of its furry sliders. I don't know why but fur on shoes makes me feel a bit funny, not very eloquently put but hey it's honest. I can imagine they're very comfortable but just imagine getting caught in the rain when wearing them? I'm sure they'll be out of style soon enough.


This isn't a new trend by any means but something I will never quite understand is those really thin scarves that some people wear. To me, a scarf doesn't always have to be huge and woolly by any means and I own a lightweight scarf which is so good when it's not quite cold enough for a big woolly number but those really thin scarves? I've just never really understood them. Maybe they're meant to be just an accessory like an oversized necklace or something?


Like I said, I'm not a very fussy person when it comes to style so anything with frills isn't really anything I'm drawn to. Not too long ago there was a big trend for huge oversized frills and I suppose if you're wearing something to make a huge statement then they're perfect because they definitely do that without trying. And in general, I'm not a fan of anything that just hangs off clothes like tassels or ruffles. I find they get in the way and you have to worry about them sitting right. You're probably sensing a theme here and if anything requires too much effort when it comes to style I'm just not into it.


The cold shoulder trend isn't really as big as it once was but still. There is nothing more annoying than finding a lovely item only to see it's got half the sleeve missing. Maybe I'm just boring and go for practicality over anything else when it comes to style but I want my clothing pieces to keep me warm and not have half of it missing. And I get the aesthetic of it and on so many people it looks lovely and I get why so many ladies who aren't confident with their arms love them as it allows you to a show a little bit of skin whilst still covering up slightly. It's not so much the t-shirts or dresses I'm against it's the jackets and jumpers that I don't understand as surely those are the items that you really need to keep warm?


What are the style items that you're never going to buy?

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