An Ode To What's In My Bag & A Sensible Purchase

There is something that's so nostalgic about the classic what's in my bag post. Whenever I see them pop up on my YouTube or blog feed I can't help but give it a watch or read. It's such a simple concept which is probably the beauty of it and here is an ode to the what's in my bag post as well as sharing a new purchase. 

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I'm a tote bag lover, I always have been and I always will be. However, years of carrying overpacked and stuffed bags has meant that I've put a lot of strain on one side of my body. And lately, I've found it incredibly painful to have that much strain on one shoulder. I mean it's not like I wasn't warned by every single photographer, student or professional that this would happen but being lopsided isn't a good look. And as backpacks have made quite the revival in recent years it seemed like the only logical solution to my problem. 

After much deliberation, I purchased the Fjallraven Kanken bag. I'm sure if you're a lover of Pinterest and Instagram you will have seen these bags before. They're the only type of backpack that I've ever really liked because they're not so hugely oversized that they look ridiculous on my petite figure and they've got the dreamiest shade range. I went with the colour Graphite even though my heart was wishing for the pink as it seemed like the most sensible colour to go with the rest of my wardrobe. They're such lovely bags and they've got room for absolutely everything that I carry, including a laptop sleeve. 

I've not purchased a new bag in a couple of years so I was due a new one and purchasing something sensible over something 'fashionable' was a wise decision. I feel like I've finally peaked adulthood now I've put sense over aesthetic.


The Staples 

IPHONE 6: An obvious one but an important staple. Of course, the best thing about my phone is the case which is covered in tiny little Pusheen cats. I might be 26 but I'm never too old for a cute phone case and if you're also a sucker for sweet phone cases I found this on eBay. 

PURSE: Or wallet if you're a reader from across the pond. This an & Other Stories number that was a birthday present a few years ago and without a doubt it's been one of the best purses I've ever had. It has numerous card slots [still not enough] as well as a space for change. I always think that finding a good purse is quite difficult as it's such a personal preference and we all have different needs. 

HEADPHONES*: For years, I was a loyal iPhone headphone user but let's be honest they're not comfortable and are incredibly flimsy. I was lucky enough to receive these in-ear headphones and they're so much better. After switching over to the smaller size of buds they fit into my ears perfectly and don't fall out and become uncomfortable after wearing them for more than minutes. 

SUNGLASSES*: Even when winter rolls around I'm never without my sunglasses, I've noticed since becoming a full-time glasses wearer that my eyes feel a lot more sensitive. Obviously straining my eyes in a viewfinder and a screen every day probably doesn't help but what can you do? This pair is from a Swedish brand called Triwa, I absolutely adore the shape of them and the tortoiseshell frame is flattering against my skin tone, unlike black which I find to be too harsh. 

The Paired Back On The Go Beauty Stash

THE BODY SHOP FROSTED CRANBERRY HAND CREAM*: Finding a good hand cream to take on the go can be difficult. For years, I've been using the Lanolips antibacterial hand cream but that had sadly gone off before I got to use all of it. The Body Shop hand creams are a fail-safe option, the Almond one is my favourite in terms of scent by the way. They're safe to take on the go as they sink in instantly and you don't have to worry about having slimy sticky hands and of course they're affordable. 

CLARINS MOISTURE REPAIR LIP BALM*: Normally I never take lip balms on the go that aren't in stick form as I don't think they're hygienic. This balm from Clarins is in a squeezy tube which is second best to me. It reminds me a little bit of a more luxe version of Lanolips the way it coats the lips and creates a barrier. Which is perfect in the cooler months as when the weather drops below 5 degrees my lips instantly become chapped and start to scab and bleed. As this is a product from Clarins it comes with a high-end price tag and if you're after something similar I highly recommend Lanolips. 


  • Denman backcomb brush.
  • Cath Kidston Mirror. 
  • Fresh Sugar lip balms. 

What are your bag staples?

R x

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