A Cleanser For Every Conundrum

Cleanser is only something I've come around to recently and just how much I adore it. Even though it's a solid staple in my routine and probably the product that I've tested the most I've never felt all that passionate about it until now. A good cleanser is the base for any good skincare routine as it gets rid of all the dirty and grime can often do other wonderful things for the skin. I've rounded up my favourites to share with you today and which one is suitable for whatever you might need.  


LIZ EARLE CLEANSE & POLISH: Whatever the condition of my skin or the season that we're currently in I know I can depend on the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish. It's the first 'real' cleanser that I used and actually saw a difference from. So for that reason alone it will always have a special place in my beauty lovers heart. The soft creamy consistency not only removes makeup with ease but it nourishes as well as cleansing the complexion without being too harsh on even spot prone skin. I do believe it's quite a marmite product though as it's something you appear to either really love or just not get along with at all. 


THE BODY SHOP ALOE CALMING CLEANSER: This isn't a cleanser that works well with makeup removal or if you want a really deep thorough cleanser. However if you're struggling with sore or sensitive skin it's a lovely option. It's incredibly kind to the skin and calms down any redness that you might be suffering from. I typically use this in the morning when I'm not wearing any makeup [obviously]. When I've got a particularly bad breakout as it gently cleanses the skin whilst calming down the redness of the blemishes. Which makes them so much easier to cover up. 


OSKIA RENEISSANCE CLEANSING GEL*: It will come as no surprise to any regular readers of my beauty content that this popular cleanser is amongst some of the options. This gel to oil cleansing balm brightens the skin beautifully as it contains pumpkin enzymes which work to brighten the complexion gently without the need for any harsh chemicals. As it's an oil it hydrates the skin as well as giving it a thorough cleanse and removes any remnants of makeup with ease. Some people do find this can sting the eyes but that's not ever something that I've encountered with this cleanser but it's something to be aware of. 


CAUDALIE MAKEUP REMOVING CLEANSING OIL*: Although this works beautifully to remove makeup I love to use this on the days that I'm not wearing anything as it's such a treat to the skin. Whilst some of that love might be based on the fact it smells exactly like a Cherry Bakewell it doesn't take away from the beauty of this product. The thick rich oil feels incredible when massaged into the skin and when removed with a flannel you're left with a beautifully nourished complexion. I've always been cautious of heavy oils incase they left my skin feeling greasy but this isn't something I've ever found with this. 


BALANCE ME CLEANSE AND SMOOTH FACE BALM*: This is a great multitasker. It not only cleanses the skin, but it has small exfoliating particles to brighten the complexion too. Chemical exfoliants are a solid part of my routine but sometimes you can't beat the power of a good manual scrub. As using a flannel to cleanse with already gives you a small amount of exfoliation it's important to use this too often as it could possibly lead to broken capillaries in delicate areas of the face. For that reason, it's not the best option for an everyday cleanse. But used a few times a week it brightens up the complexion beautifully and works wonders at sloughing away dead skin cells. 

What are your favourite cleansers?

R x

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