A Few Reasons To Love Blogging & Social Media

Social media and blogging rarely get attention for being awesome, but lately it's come under fire even more. I'm incredibly passionate about blogging and I absolutely love social media [within reason] and I wanted to share a few reasons why I think they are so wonderful with you today. 

  1. You're in control with what you see, no one is forcing you to look at anything. 
  2. It can push your creativity in so many ways.
  3. It's incredibly fun to see something that you've created and how it can grow. 
  4. It's free, it doesn't cost a penny.
  5. You can learn a huge amount from blogs, gone are the days of buying magazines for the beauty content. 
  6. It can connect you with incredible people.
  7. Instagram is the best visual diary you could ask for. 
  8. And if you're a photographer it's a beautiful way to get your work out there.
  9. It's constantly evolving, which is exciting. 
  10. You can escape to the internet and be whoever you like on there [although it's always advisable to be a good person].
  11. The way you use social media is completely your choice, you don't have to be on every site imaginable. 
  12. It's an inspiring place to be. 
  13. You can learn so many skills that you can transfer into other areas of your life. 
  14. It can be used for so much good.  

What are your favourite things about blogging and social media?

R x

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