4 Books To Read During The Festive Season

When the cooler months roll around it's the perfect season to dig out your favourite books. I've put aside my most loved from childhood and recent years to re-read over the festive season and I've got 4 of my favourites to share with you today. 

HARRY POTTER SERIES - J.K ROWLING: This 7 book series used to be my summer read every year since I was a child but this year it's going to be my festive read. The Christmas scenes not only in the books but in the films too never fail to get me in the spirit. The story never seems to get old, no matter how many times you read it and as an adult it's so different to reading them as a child. You pick up more on the life lessons that Rowling includes and there are so many amazing quotes to take from the story. I'm excited to get stuck into the series again and can't wait to fall even more in love with the magical world if that's even possible.

LITTLE WOMEN - LOUISA MAY ALCOTT: A classic book that was my Christmas read last year and I'm excited to pick it up again. The story begins at Christmas and goes on for a few years, but there is just something so warming about Little Women. Even though it encounters some tragic heartbreaking scenes the relationships between the March sisters is something that will give you that warm fuzzy feeling no matter what.  It's not an easy read by any means, it's not something you can dip in and out of at your leisure which makes it the perfect festive read as you're bound to have a little bit more time to get stuck into a good book. 

THE GREAT GATSBY - F.SCOTT FITZGERALD: I wouldn't say this is your typical festive read, but I've been itching to pick it up again since reading it in the summer.  It's a short story but a powerful one and if you're a lover of the film then you must read the book. I absolutely loved getting to know the ins and outs of the story a little more and my love for Gatsby is still going strong. It was interesting to see how they'd changed Nicks character as in the book he is more of a bystander to the story as in the film he gets quite involved. The film is also perfect for this time of year as it's just so glamorous.  

A LITTLE PRINCESS - FRANCIS BENNETT: This was a film that I used to watch repeatedly at Christmas as a child and I only discovered this year that it was based on a book. It's only a short story but it's such a beautiful one. The book is slightly different from the film, but the magic is still there. The amazing worlds that Sarah creates in her tales are so easy to get lost in, no matter what age you are. I think it's always fun to go back to some of your favourite childhood stories as an adult as you can see them in a completely different way.  

What are your favourite books to read at Christmas?

R x

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