A Few Things To Do To Boost Your Motivation & Inspiration


This time of year is always a little strange, it's probably the years of being in the education system that has taught me August is a time to be slow and enjoy the summer but once you're launched into the adult world at full speed those slow hazy Augusts are no more. However, we're approaching September, which is my favourite time of year as it's still warm but you can feel Autumn in the air. Because of those years in the school system, it has always symbolised a fresh start for me, far more than the new year ever does. I've been lacking a little bit of motivation lately so in order to put the pep back in my step and feel inspired once again here is what I've been doing.  


good morning 

I've always been a morning person, it's without a doubt my favourite time of day and it's the time where I feel the most productive. And now we're coming out of the extreme heatwave I'm slowly getting my mornings back as for weeks walking the dogs was my first priority. And the way I start the day is so important and if it starts off badly then it sets generally sets the tone for the rest of my day. Everyone has a different ideal of how they like to start their day, some like to spend a few extra minutes snoozing but personally, I like to get up a little earlier to allow myself time to properly wake up. My mornings typically look a little something like this; feed the dogs and let them out, do 20 minutes of exercise, breakfast, skincare, get dressed and finally sit down at my desk for a couple of hours before walking Josie and Edie. All those things combined set my day off to a good start, they're not anything crazy but after all, it's always the little things that can make the biggest difference right?

looking to myself

More often than not whenever I need motivation or inspiration I will look at every other person but myself. It seems obvious but odd all at the same as we're constantly fed all of these other ways that we can seek inspiration and not once do they mention turning to yourself. Confidence is not something that comes easily to me and so often I'm ridiculously hard on myself and constantly dismiss my achievements and comparing them to someone else's. Constantly seeing other people celebrate their own achievements often makes me downplay mine but it's all too easy to forget that just getting through life is a big achievement, let alone anything else. There is no-one else in the world who can motivate you like you can and giving yourself a mini pep talk is underrated. 


getting outside my bubble 

Something that I'm incredibly guilty of is sticking inside my own little internet world and believing that everybody shares the same morals and ethics as me. Of course, seeking out people who have really drastic and extreme views isn't going to inspire me but seeing how differently a situation can be judged and what people take away from something can be so interesting. For me, I find the easiest way to do this is to follow different people on Instagram, just seeing someone else's world and how they spend their days is something that I find incredibly inspiring. By spending too much time in my own little carefully curated bubble I find that I start mould myself in a certain way and that's not a good thing for anyone's work.


new goals to work towards

Most people, myself included generally set themselves goals and aims to work towards at the beginning of the year and by this time they're mostly all forgotten. I find setting ourselves a list of new things to work towards at the beginning of a miserable season quite difficult. So now seems like a much better time and I know by this time in the year I have a much better idea of how I'd like the last quarter to pan out. Things I want to work towards are;

- Take more of a business approach to my content whilst remaining personable and honest.

- Make more time for more projects, like The Adventures of Josie & Edie. 

- Continue to workout at home, it's making a huge difference to my mind. 

- Keep on creating and not let the numbers to me. 

who is currently inspiring me

Whilst I believe it's so important to inspire and motivate yourself here are the people that never fail to inspire me and they are; 


what is inspiring and motivating you at the moment?

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