5 Must Watch Documentaries


Watching a good documentary is one of my favourite pass times and ways to relax. As I not only get to sit on the sofa not doing anything but I also feel like I'm learning something new. Netflix is my go-to in order to find something new to watch and they've got some really awesome things to watch on there at the moment and the following are on my must-watch list.




The bleeding edge 

This documentary surrounds certain medical procedures and some of the awful things that have happened to the patients that received them. Of course, modern medicine is absolutely incredible and some of the things that Dr's are able to do is absolutely mind-blowing. But not everything works the way that it should and this documentary covers those procedures. They touch on female sterilization, mesh used in surgery and something called the DaVinci method. It's a difficult watch in many places as the effects that these things have had on so many women is heartbreaking.



    evil genius 

I watched this documentary a few months ago and it's been my go-to suggestion to anyone in need of a good thriller as it's such a good watch. Evil Genius is a 4 part show that dissects the death of Brian Wells in 2003, often referred to as the 'collar bomber'. As soon as I started watching this I was hooked, it's so complex and there are so many unexpected twists and turns that you don't see coming. When you first tune in you think you know what route the documentary is going to take but it's so surprising and is one that could do with two watches so you really take it all in. It's not something you can have on in the background whilst you do other things, you have to sit down and focus on it. 

Plastic Ocean.jpg


a plastic ocean 

I'd put off watching this documentary for a long time as I was worried it might be one of those really preachy films and those don't interest me. But this isn't preachy in the slightest and it's incredibly insightful and a very important watch. We probably all know by now the devastating effect that plastic is having on the world but this really breaks down just how bad it is. Although I thought I was pretty educated with how bad plastic is for the world there are some things I had no idea about and it was a real eye-opener. As well as being incredibly sad too, seeing animals in such distress because of what's fallen into their environment is heartbreaking.



amazing interiors 

If you like things that you can dip in and out of or binge watch then amazing interiors is such a good watch. This show shares an intimate look to homes that seemingly look normal on the outside but once you step inside it's like another world. There were so many incredible homes on this show that it's hard to pick a favourite as they were all so unique and like nothing I've ever seen before. One thing I do wish the show had done was take a look into the lives of the people who owned the homes as it would have been so interesting to know what the owners did. 

Amazing Interiors.jpg




I first watched this documentary on the disappearance of Jaycee Lee on Channel 4 years ago when I was at university. Documentaries like this always suck me in as it's not only fascinating but it's terrifying how easy it is for people to disappear and either never be found or found many years later. At only 11 years old Jaycee was taken whilst waiting for the school bus and wasn't discovered until she was 29. The things that happened to her during that time are absolutely terrifying and heartbreaking. If you've ever seen the film The Poughkeepsie Tapes, it's like a real version of that. 


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