A Few Ways To Have An Awesome Monday


I'm one of those really infuriating people who absolutely love Monday's. The start of a fresh week makes me so happy, full of so much promise of what we can achieve and leave any crap that happened in the past 7 days behind us. And I know it's a day that is hated by the majority of people because it means it's back to work. It doesn't have to be all doom and gloom so here are a few things I do to try and make sure that I go into Monday in a good mood.

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Something that I've taken from my school days into adult life is making sure I've prepared everything I can the night before. So when I didn't work from home I would always make sure I did the following:

- pack my lunch

- organise my bag 

- put everything out I would need in the morning 

- plan my outfit 

- charge all my tech products 

- write a to-do list 

By doing all those things the night before you don't have to rush around and I don't know about anybody else but when I'm rushing around I'm pretty much guaranteed not to have a good day. These things don't take long but they can make such a big difference to how your day pans out. And maybe one of the biggest things is to try and make sure you go into the day with a tiny bit of optimism. Hating something before you've even started is never good. 



These are tasks I tend to do on a Sunday but doing a few of my favourite beauty rituals the night before is always something that helps my Monday get off to a better start. Things that I love to do are; washing my hair, washing my makeup brushes, rotating my makeup bag and painting my nails. 

There is something so sacred about those little beauty rituals, none of them take a bunch of time or have to be really expensive but they really change my mindset going into Monday. The way that we take care of ourselves with beauty products is not given enough credit. They're not silly vanity practices that we do to please other people but they're something that improve our mood and how we feel about ourselves. And I think this goes for the majority of people in the world but it's one of the only things that we do that is just for ourselves and that's so important. Taking that time to do my makeup on a Monday morning [if I feel like wearing makeup that day] makes me feel ready to tackle the day whatever might happen. 

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Something that I quickly learned when I entered the working world whether that was in my retail job, teaching assistant role and now as a freelancer is that you do have to ease yourself into the day slightly. So what I've done for a few months now is when Monday rolls around and I'm writing my to-do list [the night before preferably]. I try and start my day with getting all those annoying little tasks that really take no time at all but we all put them off for far too long and I get them done first. Might not be the most exciting way to start your day but they're usually pretty easy and then you can work your way up to the bigger tasks gradually. Obviously, I swear by a good to-do list but they really do make a huge difference to how the flow of my day goes as I know exactly needs doing rather than leaving it up to chance. And if you're able to listen to something at your desk then I can't rate podcasts enough, I always find my workday goes so by so quickly when I've got one of those to keep me company.

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How do you like to make sure your Monday is going to get off to a good start?

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