A Little Peak Inside My Office

I've been wanting to give you a look into my office for a long time but never knew when the right time to do it was and never wanted to feel like I was bragging. I am aware of how much of a privilege it is to not only work from home but have an entire space to work in. For so long I worked at a tiny desk next to my bed at my Dad's house and whilst I loved that little space it made it very hard to have any separation from work and relaxing. Obviously working in your room isn't ideal but it's something that we all have to do at some point I'm sure. Now I have an entire room all to myself to work and store my clothes it has made such a big difference in my workday as I have a dedicated space that my brain knows is for productivity not for sleeping. Anyway, enough rambling here is a little look around my office... 


So the room itself is very simple, one of my favourite things is that it has huge ceilings as we live in a terraced house and traditionally they have a lot of height which is awesome for making a smallish room feel bigger. And I obviously just went with white for the colour scheme even though I am quite tempted to maybe paint a wall a different colour in the future. But I really love the look of an all white room and it makes it a lot easier to add in different furniture pieces I find. 

Photographed is what I want to turn into a little reading corner, the chair I've got there right now is white wooden one which isn't that comfortable to sit on so I'm on the hunt for a big pink armchair that I'm hoping I'll be able to find second hand! The sun hits this side of the room wonderfully in the Summer so it's always nice to sit and have a look outside and have a good game of people/dog watch. 


Then there is my clothing rail where my day to day clothes live. AKA the clothes that I wear out of the house and things like sweatpants and gym wear lives in an IKEA chest of drawers in mine and my boyfriend's bedroom. The rail is from IKEA [like everything in this room apart from a vintage onyx table] and it's pretty sturdy, you just have to make you really tighten it up otherwise it tends to slope to the side. This is also where I tend to keep my smarter shoes and not the ones that I reach for day to day as they live downstairs. Being able to see my clothes allows me to plan outfits more and things don't get lost behind anything so I make sure to regularly rotate my outfits. 


For a while, I had a smallish IKEA Billy bookcase which stored a mixture of books, trinkets and beauty products. We recently got a bigger one which we bought for our bedroom but it turned out to be too big for that space so we switched them around. Like I said we have really high ceilings so I'm trying to utilise them as much as possible. I've only styled these shelves a little with some personal trinkets, books and a few beauty products as well as a place to store my camera bag and boxes. I'll probably pop up a post in the future giving you a proper tour of these shelves but for the mean time here is Lisa, Moleman, a knitted cacti and some polaroids from University. It's probably a little narcissistic to frame pictures of yourself but they're so important to me. On the other side, I have my Instax, room spray and then a picture of my mum as well as an original Disney Bambi print. 



Then we have my actual workspace which you may notice has something new on it. For my birthday my boyfriend bought home what I thought was an oversized Apple TV, turns out I was wrong and it was part of a desktop Mac. One of my biggest career goals was to save up to buy myself an iMac even though my MacBook Air was completely fine I was struggling with the lack of space. I never expected for my boyfriend to give me such a generous gift but I am of course incredibly grateful and absolutely in love with it as it makes working such a joy. Now I've seriously upgraded in terms of tech but also size [13" to 27"] it meant that my desk needed to have a switch around. 



My lamp is still the same which is from T K Maxx and then I've kept it pretty simple with a lot of books on either side of my screen which is always my favourite thing to decorate my workspace with. I try to keep it as clutter free as possible as my desk has drawers which I store all my notepads in and then I have a box at the side for all my techy bits. I've then got a few little trinkets on my desk too as I like having them around, it makes it feel like my own and I love having that personal element to a workspace. Another key feature of my office is a lot of greenery, it literally helps add life to the space and I'm more aware of looking after them when I have to look at them all day. 


Do you have any office essentials?