Style Diary: May

It's probably quite obvious by now that I've really got back into style lately so I thought whilst I'm riding this style wave I'd start doing some sort of diary esque post where I share what I've been wearing. I typically do this over on my Instagram Stories but doing it in blog post form makes it a lot easier to share the exact pieces as well as giving a little insight to why I love an outfit so much. May was one of those rare months where I've felt really awesome in what I've wearing and here are a few favourites from the month;




I received this as a birthday present from my sister and I absolutely fell in love with it. As you will see from this post that I've really fallen for the midi style and this dress spiked that obsession. This piece is perfect for Summer because it's got a little tie in the back and a slight split which allows you to feel a little cooler.




If you do watch my IG stories then you will know that I'm completely obsessed with midi skirts. I've picked mine up from Primark and they're a jersey material which I find is perfect for day to day wear as otherwise, they can run the risk of being too smart for me when they're chiffon. They can be paired with so many things and they're probably one of the comfiest items for the Summer months. And if you're not feeling your legs that day they're a wonderful option as you're still showing a little flesh without feeling overwhelmed. 



Sadly I won't be able to link this as it's from Primark which means it sits at a great price point but it does mean impossible to find online. When I put this dress on I automatically feel like a princess, it's pretty simple in terms of design but there is just something about it, it's very Beauty & Beast esque to me and I absolutely adore it. It's something I know I'm going to get so much wear out of this Summer and everyday it's been warm recently I've wanted to wear it. 





When I was in London for work recently it gave me the chance to have a wander around Brandy Melville. A store that I really like for great basics, although their one size fits all thing is very questionable and not something I really love about the brand. I picked up a couple of sweatshirts and they're so good for just throwing on. I like to wear them around the house as well as when I'm going to the gym and for the price they're awesome. I find that with Brandy clothes that they get better the more that you wear them. 





I'm typically a Breton only girl when it comes to striped tops but this recent number from Petite Bateau has got me falling for a simple tee. The red stripe is a little different and in combination with a black skirt, I think it's something I'll be reaching for a lot this summer. In terms of fit, it's one of the most flattering slimmer fitting tees I've ever found.



I need to make a large disclaimer here that I would never spend nearly £100 on gym leggings myself, the price of these although beautiful fitting bottoms makes me feel physically ill. My boyfriend picked them up for as a present whilst on a recent tour in the USA so they were cheaper than they are over here but still a crazy amount of money [he asked me if there was anything at all I wanted and as I didn't want anything from Sephora these seemed like a sensible option]. But everything you've heard is true, they do shape your body wonderfully and are so unbelievably comfortable that I have a hard time wanting to take them off.


I've been in need of a new neutral bralet for ages and finally picked one up. Not the most exciting style piece to love I know but they're so comfortable and I wear bralet's so much more than regular bras now as they're so much better for me as I do struggle with my stomach and find underwire makes things worse. 


Between wearing my vintage satchel that you can see in the photographs above I've been using a tote bag most days. I've spoken before about how much I love a good tote and they're such a staple for me. They're so easy to throw on and go and you can fit so much in them which is a blessing and curse rolled into one.


When I've not been wearing my sandals I've been wearing my Sperry boat shoes that I found in T K Maxx for a mere £13 which is a huge bargain for these shoes. They're so comfortable for day to day wear and are perfect for dog walks or just popping into town, if I see another pair I will definitely grab them as they've become a real go-to for me.


May wasn't always blissfully warm and we had a few really cold days where I was still wrapped up in my Barbour coat. I bought this back in March and it's been such an amazing buy for me as I've already got a tonne of use out of it so I can imagine it's going to be perfect for the real cool months. It goes with pretty everything in my wardrobe and is still somewhat of a smart style piece I find. 

What did you love wearing in May?

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