From Brush To Base; A Combination I Didn't Think I'd Love

I've said it before and I'll say it again but I have a real love for trying out new bases and discovering awesome formulas and my current base combination obsession is not something I would have ever thought I would have loved so much. There is always something special about trying out new products but when they are items you weren't quite sure if you'd love or not and they completely take you by surprise it's an incredible feeling. And that is exactly what this edit of products did for me and here are the details on them.



TOO FACED HANGOVER X PRIMER*: After speaking so highly about this for years it had been left behind in my collection as I'd moved onto other things. So when clearing up my stash through my numerous declutters I realised it was the oldest primer I had so it was probably time to add it back into my permanent rotation. It's probably not the most obvious option for the Summer months as it's so glow-inducing but I find it creates the perfect in between. Even though my skin might be a little more oily that doesn't mean it's not dehydrated constantly, which it is due to medication I take on a daily basis. So having that injection of moisture from the creamy formulation infused with coconut water is perfect. It doesn't create a base that's too slippy or slimy, just hydrated and healthy. It perks the skin up beautifully, even when I'm not feeling my best and it's showing in my skin. This is a really wonderful product not only for priming but if you're in a pinch with product space as it can easily double up as a moisturiser.


NIP & FAB COLOUR CORRECTOR*: I've been familiar with colour correctors for a while and had a great experience with them. The last one I used was a stiff cream so I was excited to see how a more liquid consistency would fair and this works so well. The Nip & Fab beauty range is much more affordable than most other high-end brands which makes it a great option if you're after something in this nature but don't want to pay out. The creamy formulation feels soft and supple on the skin but you do have to be very careful with how much you apply as it's a bright green product and no matter how much you blend you will still be able to detect it on the skin. Only a small amount is needed to distinguish redness and it works so well, I always find I can use less product once I've taken the sting of redness out a blemish or just general tone issues in the skin.

IT COSMETICS CC CREME*:  Not a product you'd expect to be used in this fashion but I've been using this as a dedicated concealer and it works so well. You can use it all over the skin as a foundation of course but I really love it as a concealer, it's very creamy so blends easily and can be built up so naturally in the areas that you need it but still maintains a very effortless aesthetic. Not your typical concealing product I know and not one I'd suggest you buy just for that job as it is an all over the face product and works beautifully in that respect but it's been working so well over blemishes and under the eyes for me.

TARTE AMAZONIAN CLAY 12 HOUR FOUNDATION*:  I spoke about this somewhat cult foundation in one of my most recent beauty posts where I was trying out cult products and we're still very much in love. I still stand by the fact that you will not want to use this if you have drier skin as even with a really hydrating moisturiser and primer it may still cling to dry patches slightly. But if your skin is a little more oily [bearing in mind I struggle with dehydration] I've found it works amazingly well on and really stays around all day. It withstood that mini heatwave we had in the UK last week which was balmy, to say the least. The formulation is cream like which with the right brush can be buffed in within seconds to achieve a beautiful flawless but very much natural look on the skin. So often anything full coverage it can make the complexion look lacklustre and dull but I find this still allows your natural glow to shine through just a touch. 

BAREMINERALS ORIGINAL FOUNDATION*: A mineral powder foundation was always a product I was unsure about, I was never quite sure how to apply them properly or how they would look on my skin. After having a lesson in application and having the Original Foundation applied to me in store I fell in love with how it looked. The coverage is so buildable and it feels so soft and creamy on the skin which isn't something you would expect but as this doesn't contain talc that's why it maintains that fresh look. This is traditionally worn alone but I love to pair it with another base for just that touch of extra coverage to finish it off as even though it's not matte it feels like it settles everything down wonderfully. If you've never tried a mineral base I understand the scepticism or confusion around them but they truly are beautiful on the skin and well worth dealing with a loose powder for.


REAL TECHNIQUES EXPERT FACE BRUSH: Ever since I started using mostly Zoeva brushes these have become a little unloved in my stash as I just prefer the Zoeva a little more but I do still love and highly rate Real Techniques brushes. For my concealer and corrector, I've been reaching for the Expert Face Brush as it's perfect for getting right into the contours of the face with minimal effort and blends everything in beautifully. Sometimes it's nice to have a small brush for pinpoint concealing etc but in general, I prefer a larger brush to have that efficiency with blending. 

ZOEVA BUFFER BRUSH*: Typically I use the Zoeva Silk Finish brush for any base I'm using as it blends everything with so much ease and is just a great brush. The domed shape allows for everything I need so I was always a little judgemental of anything with a flat top. But the buffer brush works beautifully and I think it works even quicker when it comes to blending which is quite surprising. The sharper edge really allows you to get into all the contours of the skin like around the nose and eye which are areas I find can require a little extra effort with something domed. It works with the majority of bases I've tried it with and doesn't soak up all your product either which is a bugbear of mine as it not only makes the brush harder to work with but of course it wastes product too.

BAREMINERALS BEAUTIFUL FINISH BRUSH*: As I'm using a mineral powder right now which is completely new territory for me it was probably a good idea to use the brush that comes with the product. As you apply the Original Foundation* in a swirling motion rather than a buffing the large shape and skirted bristles of this brush makes it so easy to work around the face and dispense product evenly. I was worried about being a little rough with this brush and you do have to press it in slightly to pick the product up from the lid but it hasn't lost its shape at all and of course as always with synthetic fibres they work and wash beautifully.

What's your go to base right now?