A Love Letter To Sundays


I’m not sure what it is about Sundays but they’re my all-time favourite day of the week, Monday is a close second but there is something about Sundays that make my heart so happy and it's been that way since I was a child. Especially really early on a Sunday morning as the world feels so quiet and peaceful. And weirdly, it’s always my most productive day too and this is everything I love to do on a Sunday.



My workweek has changed a little bit since I last wrote about it as now I work the weekends again (something I always chose to do from the beginning of being self-employed) as my boyfriend has his time off mid-week and that’s what works best for the both of us at this stage of our lives. I do bulk work tasks on different days and I always save my planning for Sunday and even though I don’t have the traditional work week I still love knowing how the next 7 days is going to pan out when I sit at my desk on Monday. I do anything from finance admin, blog content planning, e-mails and pretty much anything else I can think of. For a while, I tried to go notepad free and attempted to only rely on my mind a little more but my days ended up scattered so now I’m sure to use my planner and my notepad and they keep me both on track.



If I’m not heading to the gym on a Sunday (also one of my favourite things to do as it’s always deserted) then I always make sure to slick on my favourite beauty products. These days I don’t wear makeup anywhere near as much as I once did so when I do sit down and go through my routine it’s always something that makes me so happy and something I’m choosing to do rather than feeling like it’s something I have to do to be accepted in the world. I truly never believed that I’d get to the point where I would be so comfortable in my skin but now makeup is a bonus to how I get ready rather than something I rely on. If I’ve not applied any beauty products then I will turn the day into a real skincare treat day by using a couple of masks and there is nothing better than rolling into Monday with my skin feeling super fresh. And if it happens to be a hair wash day too then I’ll always try to massage a mask into my tresses so they’re getting a little pick me up as I’m nowhere near as kind to my hair as I should be.


An early dog walk

Like I said, early Sunday morning is my favourite time of day and if the weather is ok then it’s always the best time to get out with Josie and Edie and preferably head to the woods. It’s always quiet so they can run around as much as they want and not disturb anybody and by getting out earlier in the day it enables me to get much more done at home as they’re happy to sleep the day away as they’re lazy hounds. Some of our favourite spots in our local area are:

- Rowthorne Trail

- Clipstone

- Sherwood Forest

- Harlow Woods

- Clumber Park

- Shirebrook Wood


tidying & organising

I was going to call this segment ‘pottering around’ but I’m not sure that’s a universally known phrase and might just be a British thing? Typically on a Sunday evening, I’ll apply a facemask and whilst I’m waiting for my mask to work its magic then I will always potter around the house cleaning and tidying up. I’ll iron anything that I know I’m going to wear in the week, water all my houseplants, tidy away any dry laundry, hoover, tidy away any dishes on the drying rack, clean the bathroom and generally give the house a spruce up. Going into a new week with the house being clean and tidy is something that I’ve always loved doing, even though technically Monday is my Friday it still gets my week off to a great start.

what are your favourite things to-do on a sunday?

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