My Most Loved Stationery Right Now


-post contains gifted items-

It’s been a while since I’ve spoken about one of the biggest loves in my materialistic life…stationery. A few years ago I was a little obsessed by picking up different journals and to-do list pads but then I found myself too scared to use them as they were just so pretty so I put myself on a spending ban and forced myself to use up what I had. But now I’ve been able to work in a few new paper products into my life and here are the details on my current stationery favourites right now.


rifle paper co 2020 diary (gifted)

I’ve always been a yearly diary type of girl for as long as I can remember. You just cannot beat the feeling of sitting down on the first of January and jotting down things for the new year. But this year I’ve gone for the 18-month diary and I love it, getting that fresh start feeling mid-year when typically that’s the time that I’m in a real slump with everything has been so refreshing. Anything Rifle Paper Co makes is dreamy and this diary is no exception, it’s got just enough space in to use it to your advantage and properly plan out your days but it doesn’t have any completely useless pages which are a bugbear of mine with most planners. And it has the most adorable sticker sheets to use throughout the year too and I'm a sucker for a good sticker selection. As a leftie, I can often find myself struggling with anything ring bound but thankfully it hasn’t been an issue when using this as there is nothing worse than being unable to use the right pages properly.


rifle paper co to-do list pads

These are my version of post-it notes but a lot more aesthetically pleasing. I love to use these when I need to write down a lot of things to-do but I don’t want to fill up my planner with the tasks. They have so many designs too which I love as I use the unlined pad to write down notes for anyone that I’m sending a parcel to and I tend to keep the lined pads for my workday or general life lists.

As well as the general to-do list pads they also have weekly pads which are really beautiful and perfect if you’re not into using a diary or a journal to plan out your days.


muji 0.7

For years these were my pens of choice and I’ve recently come back to them and I’d forgotten just how much I loved them. If you know Muji pens then you will know that they come in a variety of nib sizes but my preference is the 0.7 as I like that they’re thick without being smudgy. Anything smaller than this I can find is a little scratchy on paper which I hate. Annoyingly Muji hasn’t extended the colour range in this style quite yet so you can’t have all the fun shades on offer but they’re still fantastic pens. And you can buy refills for them which is a little more eco-friendly than buying a new pen every time you run out of ink.


rollo Of London journal (gifted)

Before I started my new diary this is the notepad that I was using this every day to plan my days and plan out all my content too and I absolutely loved it and not just because the logo is a little sighthound. The design is simple but it’s classic and looks undeniably smart on my desk and it would make the most wonderful gift for someone who you know loves hounds and stationery. I’m a big lover of the hardbacked journals as I don’t have to worry about damaging it if I take it on the go as I have no time for creased damaged pages. Something I’m pretty particular about when it comes to my notepads is the paperweight used as anything too thin makes it impossible to use certain pens as it’s infuriating to write something down and it go through 3 layers of paper. But the pages in the Rollo journals is just thick enough that it can withstand most of the pens that I use.


papermate Flair Medium

These are my all-time favourite pens for writing headers in my journals. I used to be a big Sharpie lover but they go through the vast majority of paper so I switched to these during my university days where I would be constantly working on my sketchpads and I’ve loved them ever since. They used to be oddly hard to find and the colour selection was pretty small but now they’ve got various collections (I’m eyeing up the pastels) and they’re brilliant pens. I don’t find I have any issues with them transferring through onto any paper and they’re so easy to write with.


what are your favourite stationery pieces?

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