An Autumn To-Do List


This year I’m doing the colder seasons differently, instead of dreading them like I usually do I’m trying my best to embrace and make the most of them. And Autumn is undeniably one of the most beautiful seasons, the cold chill in the air, the leaves falling and turning golden brown and the cosiness that comes with pulling your favourite jumper is all something I think we can agree is good for the soul and these are some of the other things that I’ll be doing this season.



Despite not always being an Autumn lover something I have always looked forward to is being able to switch out my summer clothes for my somewhat large selection of chunky jumpers. Even though I adore summer dressing and having the ease of simply throwing on a dress and being done I do have a real soft spot for dressing for the colder weather when it’s a beautiful crisp day and not lashing it down with rain or blowing a gale. I made the big wardrobe switch a couple of days ago as it’s already dropped quite cold where we live (I woke up to four degrees last weekend, FOUR) and it was so exciting to pull things out that I’d not seen in a few months as well declutter anything from my summer wardrobe that I’d perhaps not got the use out of that I was hoping to. Every season when I make the switch of my clothes I make sure I take the time to do the following;

  • Pull out all my clothes and give my clothing rail and drawers a good clean and hoover out any of Josie’s fine dust like hair that seems to get everywhere.

  • Have a good look at what I’ve been wearing and what I haven’t.

  • Organise the things that I’ve not been wearing into two piles; donate or sell.

  • Iron any hanging clothes that are looking creased from being in storage.


If there's one hobby that screams Autumn to me it’s knitting and every year I find myself getting out my needles and having the urge to create something new. Over the past few years I’ve knitted myself a couple of lovely scarves so now I’m finally doing something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time and started knitting for Josie and Edie. So far I’ve made Edie a snood and I’m working on Josie’s at the moment and then I plan to move onto a patchwork blanket so that I can teach myself the different stitches. My knitting skills are pretty minimal as of right now and I only really know knit stitch confidently. If you’re a beginner knitter I highly recommend the following YouTube videos:



Despite being a summer lover when it comes walking the dogs I prefer to do that in the cooler months even though I have shivery hounds that require at least two layers when its less than 10 degrees. The fear of them getting heatstroke isn’t something that makes warmer walks all that enjoyable. And one of our favourite places to go for a walk is the Peak District as it’s not too far away from home but it’s a beautiful change of scenery from what we’re typically used to. Some of the spots I know we’ll head up to this Autumn are:

  • Padley Gorge

  • Ladybower Reservoir

  • Snakes Pass Wood


Something that I’ve not done for quite a while is updated my blog or touched any of the design aspects of it and that’s something that I certainly want to do this Autumn. Ever since day one I’ve always got so much enjoyment from designing my little online world and even though eventually, I’d like to work with a designer to give the blog a serious new lease of life until then I know there are some changes I can make myself to freshen things up a little. Something else I should probably do during this time is start to teach myself a little more about SEO because even though I’ve been blogging for almost a decade I have put absolutely zero effort into the SEO side of this website which is pretty terrible and something I need to improve on.

a digital declutter

Over the past year or so I’ve been pretty good at decluttering the physical aspects of my life but something I’ve not been great at is keeping up with my digital world. And I’m a firm believer that your digital life requires as much decluttering as anything else in your world and these are the things that I need to tackle;

  • Phone contacts

  • Camera roll

  • Apps

  • Inbox

  • Hardrive

  • iMessages


what are your plans for autumn?

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