Why It's Ok Not To Love Blogging All The Time

Here's the thing about blogging. It's amazing but it's not like a 'normal' hobby or career. It can become all consuming and it's ok not to enjoy it all the time. The whole blogging world isn't always as shiny and luxury lifestyles like it's painted out to be. Here's a few reasons why it's ok not to enjoy the blogosphere all the time and why it's totally normal. 

Blogging for hundreds and thousands of people is nothing but a hobby. Something that they do in their free time because they feel super passionate about it. Whether they want to make money from it in the long run or not isn't important. Because in the beginning, we all do this because we enjoy it. But blogging is something that can quickly become incredibly consuming and almost an addiction. It's not like going fishing on a Sunday and switching off for a few hours. It's a busy noisy world. Where we're constantly surrounded by other people. So it's almost natural that you're going to feel a range of emotions about it. 

When you feel like you're not enjoying blogging. You feel an intense pressure to start liking it again. And constantly question what is it that has caused this feeling? Is it you? Or is it something else that triggered those negative feelings. It's all too easy to forget that we control our blogging world, it might not feel like it sometimes. But we do. If something, in particular, isn't working for you then don't do it. When I feel like I'm not enjoying the blogging world as much as I could be doing I like to take a few things into consideration; 


Sometimes our curiosity can get the best of us. It's just human nature. But having the power to steer clear of obvious sources of negativity can have a huge impact on our happiness. It's all too easy to get into the habit of visiting sources of negativity or as some call it 'hate-reading'. Putting a stopper in it before it spirals out of control is so important. If reading that blog post or visiting that website is going to put a dampener on your happiness. Don't do it. You're the one in control of what you type on the keyboard. 


It might not feel like it sometimes. But the only people who have control of your blog is you. Not readers or PR's. Whilst it might seem super exciting when PR's start getting in touch with you. Things can get out of control and before you know it you're writing a post on a vacuum cleaner. Saying no is something that isn't spoken about enough in the blogging world. But those two letters have so much power and can often make you happier than saying yes. 


Making the choice to unfollow someone whether it be their blog or social media accounts is always seen as such a bad thing. It's not. It simply means that person isn't right for you anymore and that's ok. You don't have to follow along for the sake of it. Social media whether it's your job or not. Should still be enjoyable and if simply pressing unfollow or even mute is going to bring that back then it's a no-brainer. 


Nothing in life is plain sailing. No matter what we choose to do. Whether it be our jobs or our hobbies. It's not always going to be easy. But the highs should always outweigh the lows by and if that isn't the case then maybe it's just not right for you at the moment. We always focus on the lows so much. When feeding into that negative feeling constantly only makes it feel bigger. 


The world of blogging isn't it for all of us. But because it's become such a huge part of our society. It can put the expectation out that it is for everyone. And it can be hard to admit and swallow our pride but if we can change something then we should. There are so many things in life that we can't change. But when we can we should be proactive about it. For the most part, we're in control of our happiness.

I'd love to know your thoughts on this topic

R x

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