Awesome New Podcasts I've Been Listening To

Podcasts are either something that I listen to constantly or something I don't find myself seeking out for weeks on end. And even though I'm not anywhere as dedicated to my listening list as I'd like to be there are some awesome new podcasts that I've been listening to over the past month or so and this topic is always one of my favourite things to share in the little corner of the internet because they're free and can be a wonderful source of entertainment as well as broadening your knowledge on a certain topic. 


I'm sure most of you will have already heard about this podcast as the first episode was quite literally with royalty, an interview with Prince Harry about mental health. I cannot imagine anyone more well known talking about such a difficult subject especially considering the stigma that is attached to mental health and why for some reason people believe that mental health can't touch you if you're rich or are deemed to have no worries. It was incredible to be able to hear Harry's struggles and all the good things that himself and his family are doing to raise awareness for such an important cause. Bryony asked some awesome questions and I'm excited to listen to the other episodes to come from this podcast as it's dedicated entirely to the subject of mental health.


Some of my favourite people to watch on YouTube are Will Derbyshire and Arden Rose and if you're followers of theirs then you will already know that they are a couple and they've recently released a podcast. It's not a podcast that surrounds a certain topic it's more just a conversation with those two as well as user submitted topics as well as a few chosen from them. I'm a big lover of their conspiracy segment as I'm a sucker for a conspiracy theory, the Pixar one blew my mind. As Will is English and Arden is American it's funny to hear how they play off one another and this is one that I like to listen to when I fancy something that's light to escape to and have a laugh along to.


When I saw this podcast pop up on my iTunes recommended I knew I had to subscribe to it immediately. When I listen to podcasts it's mostly when I'm walking Bella [my little pup] so it seemed very appropriate. WTD is an interview conducted by Emily Dean from The Times with various comedians. I'm not all that into stand-up comedians if I'm honest but I love listening to interviews with just about anyone and I've thoroughly enjoyed this podcast. There is something so sacred about dog walks and the people that you tend to meet and to capture that in a podcast isn't easy to do. My favourite so far has to be with Alan Carr, he's such a wonderful man and it was a pleasure to hear him talk in such a candid fashion. 


I'm not sure whether or not I've mentioned that I've been listening to The Minimalists podcast before or not. My love affair with the duo started when I watched their documentary on Netflix which has to be one of the most insightful yet least preachy things I've come across when it comes to the subject of minimalism. And the podcast from them is exactly the same and each week they tackle different subjects and provide some incredibly useful information that whether you're interested in minimalism or not is something we could probably all benefit from listening to. My favourite episodes have been about friendships, money and tech as they are all things that I'm incredibly interested in creating a more mindful mindset around. 

What podcasts have you been listening to?