Awkward Beauty Conversations

Ah awkward beauty conversations, don't you just love them? Personally, I do enjoy digging into those awkward topics with my closest friends but that doesn't mean we all feel the same way. Especially in the blogging world, these topics are pretty much unspoken about but I want to open up a conversation about them in today's post. 


I'm almost certain that I've written a post dedicated to dealing with mouth ulcers before as they're something I deal with constantly. And they're not pretty at all and they can put a real dampener on your day. Whether you suffer with them for medical reasons or just generally find yourself prone to them they're a pain to treat and the vast majority of the treatments out there do very little. Until I found Anbesol, which is something that takes away from the aches that ulcers cause and takes out the sting of them. It's a little painful to apply but once it's on you can get a good few hours pain free. 


Ingrown hairs seem to be something I really struggle with. And even though I've found the key to dealing with them they will still pop up every so often and when they do they're super painful. They can crop up anywhere but it's mostly on my bikini line so I've found a good exfoliator, ingrown hair solution and cotton knickers only are the only way I can get away with minimal flare-ups. The solutions that you can buy are pretty pricey but as you only need to use so little one bottle will last you years. It does sting when applied to any freshly shaved area so you have to brace yourself for that but they are effective and do work at clearing or preventing anything coming up. 


In my recent 'being a hairy girl' post, I spoke all about the joy of being a female with prominent facial hair and the ways that I've found to deal with it. But incase you don't fancy catching up with that post then waxing is how I like to tackle mine. And the confidence that having a super smooth face brings me is like nothing else. 


My legs have a lot of these pesky veins on and especially when it comes to bare leg season they tend to bother me more than usual. And unless I want to embark on an expensive treatment to get rid of them finding other more cost-friendly ways of tackling them is the only option I have. Although I'm more than happy to embrace my naturally pale limbs by just having that little bit of colour to my skin I find those veins are a lot less noticeable. Leg makeup isn't something that's all that new but the difference it can make is incredible. It's something that a lot of people use for really special occasions and it's not ideal for every day but a gradual tanner is a great option as they often just even out the skin tone and only add a small amount of colour. 


Some people bite their nails but I tend to chew the skin around mine. Which is just as bad as it can cause plenty of unwanted issues and it's not a great habit to have. It's a nervous habit that I'm yet to properly tackle but I have found having a hand cream always close by does help stop me doing it so often and it, of course, helps to repair any damage that I've done. Also having a nice manicure definitely helps to deter me from nibbling away. 


This was never an issue that I had until later on in life and it's always particularly bad when it comes to fitness and tight sports bras. Spots on your face are one thing but spots on your body are a totally different issue and I don't think that there are that many ways of getting around them. Obviously showering regularly especially when you've been sweating a lot and wearing loose fitting clothing helps. But in terms of treatments, they're only a couple and they both come from Mario Badescu

What are your thoughts on these awkward beauty topics?

R x

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