Beauty & Style Uniform: August

You know that wonderful feeling where you find an outfit that you feel great in and a makeup look that just works? That is what August has felt like to me. The only problem is that I currently don't want to wear anything else. It's been a while since I've done one these posts but I've just been so smitten with my go-to look that I just had to share it.


MODELS OWN SCULPT & GLOW LIQUID HIGHLIGHTER*: When I first received this a few months I looked at it and thought there is no way I'm ever going to be able to use that. It's about 6 shades darker than my natural skin tone but now I'm a little more sun kissed and I've been mixing it in with a primer it does such a great job at illuminating the skin without being overly obvious. My skin can be a little temperamental in the summer months, sometimes I look far too 'radiant' [read sweaty] and then my skin can be so lack lustre and dull. So this has been the perfect product to go underneath my base to give my skin a boost.  

MAKE UP FOREVER WATER BLEND FOUNDATION*: This is a new release from the brand and whenever MUFE releases a new base my ears always prick up. Like the name suggests this is an incredibly lightweight foundation as it's water based, you need to shake it up before you apply it. The consistency is similar to my beloved YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat foundation but the coverage is just a little sheerer but it can be built up with ease in the areas that need it. If you love your lightweight super comfortable to wear foundations then this is one I'd highly recommend as the finish that it leaves on the complexion is beautiful. It's radiant without being overwhelming and not something that is just going to slide right off oily skin. 

TOO FACED CHOCOLATE BONS BONS EYESHADOW PALETTE*: When an eyeshadow palette can lure me away from my usual champagne picks then I know it must be truly wonderful. This palette is a cool toned neutral eye lovers dream although there are some more intense shades at your disposal. I've been going for a slightly more cool eye with a light purple almost greige through the crease to create some more definition and I absolutely adore the way it looks. As I go so minimal with all the other steps in my beauty routine it's been fun to play around with multiple shadows.  


I'm a big fan of the beehive but I'm terrible at doing anything more complicated than a messy ponytail so it's rare that I do it. However, I wanted to try something a little different now I'm no longer a member full fringed girls club and I absolutely love the way it looks. And of course when it's warmer outside it's nice to find a hairstyle that can look super chic without being too complex. I used Carrie's tutorial which you can find linked here;

It's such a simple tutorial and I've always found it to work every time and even now my hair is much longer it doesn't feel too heavy or weighed down. Just make sure you use strong bobby pins and slide them in the right way so that they don't slip down. And of course hair spray is a must. 


Every time I've worn something other than loungewear this month I've been wearing my denim a-line skirt. It's probably one of the most worn items in my wardrobe as I find it so incredibly versatile and it can be worn with just about anything. On really warm days I've been pairing it with lightweight t-shirts but when it's a little greyer I've been reaching for my American Apparel scoop back dress which I've had for years. I don't like to wear it as a dress as it's skin tight and shows absolutely everything and I'm just not confident enough for that. So paired with my a-line skirt it's the perfect combination and a scoop back is one my all time favourite ways to flash a little bit of flesh in a less obvious way. 

What have you been wearing this month?

R x

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