Things To Tell Yourself When You Overthink Everything

After going through a terrible patch of chronic overthinking and worrying I realised [again] just how hard it can be to break the cycle. It's like falling through a rabbit hole of your own thoughts and it can be so difficult to talk yourself out of them. Today's post is for everyone who finds themselves easily slipping into that exhausting pattern of worrying and overthinking. 

  1. Worrying about the things you have no control over is pointless, focus on the things you do have say in. 
  2. Never feel bad for worrying it's completely normal and we all do it. 
  3. There is no one else in the world that thinks as critically about you as you do yourself. 
  4. It's such a waste of your wonderful mind.
  5. Try not to bring too much of yesterday into today. 
  6. Rarely is anything achieved by worrying and overthinking. 
  7. Don't be so hard on yourself, you're doing yourself a disservice. 
  8. Get out of your own way from achieving what you want. 
  9. Don't let the what ifs? stop you. 
  10. Everyone worries about something and you're probably not alone in your worries as you think you are.
  11. Keeping your mind & body busy is key to trying to prevent those thoughts consuming you. 
  12. Try to counteract the negative thoughts with positive ones as soon as they pop into your mind. 
  13. Share your worries, sometimes even just saying them out loud helps take the power away from them. 
  14. Don't let the irrational thoughts become your reality when they don't have to be. 

What do you remind yourself of when you go through a bad patch of worrying & overthinking?

R x

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