Coming Back After A Setback

We all face setbacks in life, whether it's personal or in work they do happen. Whenever these instances do occur it's all too tempting to just throw in the towel and lose all motivation. I know in the past I've done just that and sulked no end about the situation. I realise now that no matter what you've got to come back from whatever has happened as life goes on and tough times never last. Here are a few ways to make come back after facing a setback. 


Something I used to be terrible for was never accepting a situation for what it was. It's all too tempting to just ignore it and act like it never happened. Good or bad it's important to acknowledge whatever has happened, learn and move on. Bringing up something months down the line as tempting as it can be sometimes isn't healthy for your mind. Dwelling on a situation that is in the past will never help your future so it's important to remember that. 


Negative or positive you can always take something from a situation. Although it might not feel like it at the time you can learn from even the worst of them. Taking something from those tough times makes you look at it in a completely different way. Yes, it might totally suck but learning from it makes it all worthwhile.


Whenever I face a set back within work I always make a plan of action. Writing down what I want to do and what I've learnt from whatever set me back in the first place makes me so motivated to push on with my next venture. More often than not whenever I have been set back by something it's actually worked in my favour because it's made me pursue it harder. Although it might not feel like it at the time getting pushed back initially can push you further in the long run.


Every person faces setbacks in life, I don't know anybody whose not had face something difficult to get where they are today. There are so many circumstances that we cannot control but how we come back from them is totally in our power. Just because you've had something set you back doesn't you're a failure. We should never let those situations define us. 

How do you come back from a setback?

R x

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