Current Base & Brush Favourites

My base has always been favourite beauty area to experiment with. I'm forever trying out different concoctions that can meet my skins requirements with whatever it wants. Here are the details on my latest concoction and it's one that's totally Spring appropriate. 

CLARINS MULTI ACTIVE JOUR DAYTIME MOISTURISER*: For years I didn't care about the type of moisturiser I was applying and the effect it was having the foundations of my base. Whilst I, of course, want the skincare benefits from my moisturiser first and foremost. I do however need something that will work underneath foundation. Often moisturisers can pill up with the application of other products or not keep the skin looking fresh all day. This new release from Clarins does absolutely everything I need and more. It aims to combat the effects that everyday stress has on the skin as well as boosting the moisture levels. It's got that classic almost mature moisturiser consistency but it sinks in quickly which is perfect for those mornings when you're in a rush. 

PIXI FLAWLESS BEAUTY PRIMER*: Often, primers that are radiance inducing offer little else for the skin. But this beautiful base from Pixi is unlike anything else I've used. It gives the complexion a serious glow. But it creates a wonderful base for your foundation. That will not only help it stay around all day but keep it looking fresh throughout the day. Not only is it great at priming the skin but it's a product that can be used alone to disguise uneven tones in the skin too. 

L'OREAL TRUE MATCH: If your skin is a little more on the oily side this an awesome high street base. It blends easily, looks natural on the skin, has great staying power and has medium buildable coverage. It's not a base I would suggest for a dry skin. As I can imagine it could gather and just sit on top of the complexion. For a general everyday base, this is a great option. As it's so natural on the skin you can go any way you want when it comes to setting it. 

MAC LIGHTSCAPADE POWDER: Whenever I use a base that is more natural looking I always like to set it down with something luminous. This powder from MAC fits the bill perfectly as the combination of colours almost eliminates any unsightly tones in the skin. It adds a soft look focus to the complexion instead of being matte and heavy like a lot of powders can be. Sadly it's a not a product that will work for all skin tones but if you're pale it's a beautiful powder option. Something else important to note is that the MAC MFS's all differ in their outcome. Whilst mine might make a great setting powder others may contain more shimmer making it unsuitable. 

ZOEVA BUFFER BRUSH*: Flat-topped brushes aren't typically my thing. I find they can be difficult to work with and provide an uneven finish on the skin but this brush is different. Zoeva has become my go to when it comes to my base brushes. Their Silk Finish Brush in particular reigns supreme in my routine for providing a flawless finish with whatever base I might be using. Where this brush really shines is when you use it with powder products as it picks up the product with minimal fallout. However when it comes to liquid bases it creates a seriously flawless looking base with ease. It requires minimal buffing and blending and because of it's size it cuts down on time too. 

ZOEVA LUXE CHEEK FINISH*: When I use a pressed powder I'm not all that fussy with what brush I use. It's more about the way you use the brush to apply the product to the skin that has the biggest effect on how it works. As this brush has a curved shaped it makes patting powder into those hard to reach areas a breeze. It almost gives the skin a soft focus look and even when you reapply you don't run the risk of your complexion looking heavy and caked in makeup. 

What is your current base?

R x

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