Dealing With Uneven Skin Tones & Textures

Dealing with uneven skin tone and texture is something I've dealt with since being a teenager. Of course, back then I just applied a thick layer of Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse and hoped for the best. But as I've got older and discovered the world of beauty a little more. I've learnt that there are so many ways to deal with different tones in your skin as well as texture which means you don't have to pile on heavy layers of product. 


Knowing what skin type you have and why you might have areas of discoloration is often half the battle when dealing with these issues. Things like redness, under eye circles and other skin ailments can be either down to lifestyle or even your genetics. Doing your own research like reading blogs and books are two things I've found incredibly helpful for figuring out my skin and why it does the things that it does. If these issues are incredibly severe than it's probably wise to seek help from a specialist who may have expert knowledge in the area. Once you know your skin type and its traits then it's much easier to find products that have a strong chance of working in harmony with it rather than completely going against you. 


Preparing your skin properly when you have different areas of texture and tones to deal with is the key I've found for makeup to look as awesome as possible. Here are a few of my favourites that help do that; 

YES TO GRAPEFRUIT UNEVEN SKIN TONE SCRUB*: Having a good exfoliator in your beauty arsenal is wise to help keep your skin in tip-top condition. Most manual exfoliators are far too harsh and can lead to broken capillaries but this one from the Yes To brand is awesome. The beads are incredibly fine and delicate and the grapefruit is what helps the skin to become more even whilst the lemon helps to repair any damage. After use, it leaves the skin feeling incredibly smooth and refreshed, not red or raw which can often be the case with scrubs. 

PIXI MAKEUP FIXING MIST*: I find that toners or mists are quite a marmite beauty product, you either love them or think that they're completely useless. After using something of the chemical variety to help deal with dull lacklustre skin I like to use something hydrating and balancing afterwards. I find that if my skin feels balanced then everything else works just that little bit better. I love this mist from Pixi, it makes my skin feel fresh and hydrated and ready for other skin care items as well makeup. You can also use it throughout the day to freshen up the complexion if you really struggle with sad looking skin. 

JURLIQUE CALENDULA FACE CREAM*: If redness is something you struggle with whether it be a skin condition or if you're suffering from bad breakouts this is one of the best moisturisers I've found to tackle those issues. It's also incredibly hydrating so if you not only suffer from redness but dry or dehydrated skin then this a great product. Whether you're applying makeup over the top or not it helps to extinguish redness in the skin so you're left with a more uniform skin tone. There is a whole Calendula range from Jurlique so if redness is a big issue for you then it's worth checking it out. 


CLAUDIA LOUCH CORRECTING PALETTE*: Correcting palettes seem to quite popular in the beauty community at the moment and I'm fully converted to their wonders. I'm not a huge lover of concealer for dealing with skin discolouration as I can find that they often make the complexion look cakey and even worse. But using a palette with different shades in to deal with different ailments to go underneath your makeup is a much better option in my option. Typically these palettes have four shades in green, purple, yellow and pink. The green helps with redness, the purple takes any yellow/sallowness out of the skin, the yellow helps with blue tones which typically appear under the eyes and the pink brightens up the skin. 

LAURA MERCIER FOUNDATION PRIMER*: This isn't my favourite primer in terms of longevity. But the way that it makes my skin feel and the base that it creates for makeup to be applied over the top is probably why it's a cult item in the beauty world. It's incredibly hydrating but not in a shiny or greasy way and even if your skin is typically more oily like mine then it's not going to turn you into an oil slick. It just keeps your skin looking fresh throughout the day and creates a more uniform canvas for your other beauty products to be applied over the top As I said it's not the best in terms of longevity but for creating a fresh and uniform complexion it's lovely. And it's not a primer that feels packed full of silicone either which isn't something I like in my priming products. 

EBORIAN CC CREME*: If I'm not in the mood to mess around with multiple products like a primer, concealer and corrector than this CC creme from Eborian is beautiful. It can be worn as a base alone if you don't want anything too heavy and it contain beads that burst and match your skin tone [kind of]. I love using this underneath my foundation as I find it creates the perfect corrected base that is fully prepped for foundation. I've also found it helps with the longevity of other base products too. So if your skin tends to eat up makeup when you're out all day and don't have time to touch up this a wonderful option. 

YSL YOUTH LIBERATOR FOUNDATION: If I'm dealing with a few different textures in my skin like dry patches and then oily areas then this foundation has always worked wonders to create a uniform base. It's a gel formulation which I find is incredibly forgiving on the majority of skin types and it glides over dry patches of skin and can work in harmony with more oily complexions. The only issue with YSL foundations is not only are they incredibly expensive. But they are also fragranced which can be an issue for sensitive skin types.  

How do you deal with uneven skin tones and textures?

R x

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