15 Things I'm Currently Loving

90% of the time my content is planned down to a T and I like my posts to have a general theme & message. But sometimes it's fun to just have a chat about things that I'm currently enjoying, no matter what they are. So that is exactly what I'm doing today, just sharing 15 of my current favourite things ranging from food to hairstyles. 

BODYBALANCE: I mentioned in a post last week that I'd been really neglecting my yoga and pilates practice. And I'd been doing the Blogilates at home beginners calendar which is awesome but as I get all classes for free at my gym then I thought I might as well take advantage of them. I'd heard Rosie talk about how good BodyBalance was for years but never tried it myself. It's a combination of tai chi, pilates, yoga and meditation. I was a little sceptical but it's the best class that I've ever been to, it's quite quick paced so you're not finding yourself getting complacent. It's something that I'm definitely going to try and do on a weekly basis. As I not only really enjoyed the workout but it was refreshing to workout with other people in a class environment. 

READING IN THE MORNING: Usually, when I'm eating my breakfast and having my morning coffee I watch something on YouTube or slot in an episode of whatever series I'm watching. But lately, I've been reading a lot more in the AM before I start my work day and I've been really enjoying it. I find that it gets my work day off to an awesome start even though sometimes it's really difficult to tear yourself away from whatever you're reading. 

COOKING: If you caught this post I wrote a couple of weeks ago about adopting a healthier diet you might know I've been trying to cook a lot more. I've never enjoyed cooking and tried to spend as little time in the kitchen as possible. But as I'm upping the quality of my meals I've needed to cook and prep a lot more and have actually enjoyed it. I've found the key to making it a pleasurable experience is to make time for it and not try and worry about the mess as I don't cope well in messy environments. Here's a couple of my favourite things I've been rustling up;



BANANA ICE CREAM: To go hand in hand with cooking I've been making bowls of banana ice cream which simply put is just frozen bananas with a little bit of water. It's a great snack, breakfast or dessert and you can put so many toppings on it or mix it with granola. If you're not a lover of eating fruit the standard way then it's a great way to get one of your five a day in. Normal ice cream has been known to make me quite poorly [vomiting to be precise] so it's awesome to find an alternative. 

COCONUT OIL: Around 2 years ago the blogging world was rife with posts about how amazing coconut oil is and it's taken me until now to try it. I like to use mine as a really intense hair mask. But it's important to be aware you need to give your hair a good thorough wash to get it all out as if not your hair will be left a disgusting oily mess. It makes my hair feel incredible and it's all natural which is even better for frazzled summer tresses. 

STRETCHING / FOAM ROLLING: I'm really bad at stretching before and after doing any type of exercise but lately, I've been making a huge effort to dedicate quite a lot of time to it. It's not been just after exercising either I've been doing it before I go to bed after I've finished work as when I'm sat at my desk a lot I find I can get incredibly stiff and my limbs don't feel all too wonderful. As well as just normal stretching I've been rolling out of my legs and back. Which I've found has made such a huge difference in the condition of my muscles. 

HAND CREAM: I'm not sure what or why it is but my hands have felt horribly dry recently and as I'm so bad at nibbling the skin around my nails so they're constantly sore. So I've been really trying to up my hand cream use so that I'm not tempted to pick at the skin and that, of course, is helping with the dryness. I know so many people don't care at all for hand cream at all but it's one of my favourite products to use as it feels so relaxing to massage in. 

DIPTYQUE VANILLE CANDLE: I absolutely love Diptyque candles. But they're so pricey that they're not really in my budget to have around that much. But my boyfriend treated me to one for my birthday as he was on tour for it and I've been lighting it sparingly ever since May. Even when it's not lit I can still smell the dreamy vanilla scent it emits and I think it's my new favourite scent from the brand. It's got that beautiful sweet element to it but a certain amount of musk also so it's not sickly sweet. 

CARDS: Over the years I've been lucky enough to receive some really beautiful cards and I've never known quite what to do with until now. I'm planning on framing them and turning them into a gallery wall as my room is in need of a few new prints as I've not switched things around in a while. And I think it's awesome to give the cards a new use as so often they get thrown away and it's so wasteful when they could be used for artwork. 

HIGH CURLY PONYTAIL: My hair is at a bit of an awkward length at the moment and I've not enjoyed wearing it down so I've been wearing it in a high curly ponytail. I find it gives my hair a big boost of volume and it looks polished whilst still getting your hair away from your face which is a necessity when it's hot outside. Even though it makes me feel like a cheerleader I still absolutely adore it and it goes with any outfit too.  

ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK: Every year without fail the new season of OITNB is released just as my boyfriend leaves for a long summer tour so it always keeps me company on that first tough weekend. This season was one of the best since the first in my opinion and the backstories included were absolutely heartbreaking. And the end, let's not even talk about the end. 

PUSHEEN PHONE CASE: I might be 26 year old women but that doesn't mean I'm not partial to a cutesy phone case every now and again. I love the Pusheen cat, so squishy and adorable and this phone case was only a few pounds so I thought it was a sweet little treat to myself. 

GREY SLIDERS: My brown peep toe sandals from Topshop have been my go to for the majority of the summer but I really wanted a slider style type sandal. Having both my feet tattooed can often make it difficult to find sandals that flatter them instead of cutting them off at weird places. These grey sliders from New Look are awesome as they go with absolutely everything and they're so comfy that I've barely worn anything else. 

WORKAHOLICS: I watched this series years ago but I lost track of it so I thought it was time that I watched it all through properly. It's a silly comedy for sure, it reminds me of The Office in a lot of ways in combination with something else that I can't quite put my finger on. The episodes are only 20 minutes long so it's easy to watch and it's not something you have to concentrate on too much. It's not a show for everyone that's for sure as it is a little ridiculous but it's a nostalgic show for me. 

ARGAN DRY BODY OIL*: In general, I've been really loving oil at the moment, in my hair, face, bath and body. I've been mixing the Argan Body Oil* in with my moisturiser to give it a little hydrating boost and really make my limbs glow which is exactly what I want in the summer months. 

What are you currently loving?

R x

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