Easy Steps To Help Your Makeup Last All Day

Makeup tends to hatch pretty some bold claims when it comes to longevity. And it's rare that they're actually true. Of course, there are a select few products that really do stand the test of time [see my favourites here]. A good formula can only go so far, though. Personally, I think the key to having makeup that really stays put all day is all in your prep and application. 


It's something that is said time and time again. But making sure your skin is properly prepared for any makeup that you might apply over the top makes all the difference. Here are my favourite ways to prep my base; 

EXFOLIATE: I'm a big lover of chemical exfoliants and use them on a daily basis but a manual scrub just does that little bit more when preparing the skin. A couple of my favourites are the Claudia Louch Exfoliator* and the Una Brennan Vitamin C-Exfoliating Cleanser. They slough away dead skins whilst still being kind to the complexion. 

DEEP CLEANSE: Whenever I've been slacking with my deep cleansing routine I can always see it in the way that my makeup applies. Things just seem to blend as easily as they do in the areas that become congested like around my nose and chin. Even though it's not the main benefit of deep cleansing the skin it's just an added bonus. 

MOISTURISE: Something that can be tricky to get right is finding the right balance with your moisturiser. If you don't use something hydrating enough then your base can cling to every dry patch and accentuate them but anything too nourishing can almost eat makeup up. 


Some people swear by using their hands to apply their base and for many years, I did to. Then I discovered the wonderful world of brushes and I've never looked back since. Here are a couple of my favourite brushes to create a seriously long lasting base; 

ZOEVA SILK FINISH BRUSH: This brush has reigned supreme in my beauty routine ever since 2014. It's by far the best that I've ever found for creating a beautiful flawless base with minimum effort. So if you're a bonafide lazy girl this could be your new best friend. It's so soft and gentle to the skin and it's got just the right combination of flexibility and density to buff and blend any product into the skin. 

REAL TECHNIQUES EXPERT FACE BRUSH: Before I discovered the brand Zoeva this was my go to out of all the Real Techniques brushes. It's got a little more definition in its shape so it can get into those really hard to reach areas like around your nose and contours of the eye. It's not quite as soft as the Zoeva option but it's still pretty good and mush easier to get your hands on too. It's a little denser which makes it great for cream formulations that are typically difficult to blend. 


You're either a lover of primer or you're not. I'm a serious lover of the stuff and always on the hunt for the next big thing that can help not only perfect my complexion but keep things hanging around for much longer too. 

ACCESSORIZE PRIME TIME*: The Clarins Perfecting Touch Primer is a firm favourite of mine but it's pretty pricey. This primer from Accessorize is its £9 dupe, it performs in the exact same way and makes your skin feel incredible. The consistency is quite thick, but once applied it feels weightless and perfects the skin with only the smallest amount. It balances the complexion making it the perfect canvas for anything you might apply over the top. As well as providing that extra boost of longevity it makes your base wear more evenly as it's balanced. 

TOO FACED CHAMPAGNE SHADOW INSURANCE: This creates a slightly tacky base so that any shadow or pencil that you apply over the top adheres to the lid and stays put all day. It can be worn alone or in combination with your favourite champagne shades. It helps to smooth out the lid and counteract any discolouration and veins without being overly obvious. I always thought eye primers were unnecessary and just an extra step but this is worth the effort and so much more. 

THE BODY SHOP TEA TREE PRIMER: When you're an oily skinned girl chances are most products you apply will just slide off your face or be eaten up. This primer from The Body Shop is perfect for those with oily skin but don't want their complexion to be sucked dry of any moisture. It's mattifying and it leaves a beautifully smooth base for makeup and generally makes the complexion look a whole lot better. With the added bonus of tea tree, it's great for breakouts too as it doesn't aggravate them in fact it gives them a helping hand. It's the most purse-friendly out of my collection, but it doesn't scrimp on the quality at all.

Do you have any tips for making your makeup last longer?

R x

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