Everything I'd Love This Christmas


It’s been a very long time since I did a gift guide. But something I wanted to do this year is share all the gifts I’d love to receive in a dream world (basically, the items I’m going to save up for myself over time) and then all the items that I’d love to receive that would support a small business or a charity. I find this time of year generally overwhelming when it comes to buying gifts as it puts so much financial pressure on us and way too often we feel like we can’t say no to what our loved ones might like. Gifts are nice but they’re not the only way to show somebody that you care for them, without a doubt the most important thing that we can give anybody at this time of year is our company.


  • Barbour Waxed Parka Jacket: We all know by now that I’m absolutely married to my Barbour jacket but when it turns seriously cold I struggle to wear it and find myself reaching for my parka coats instead as I know they’ll keep me snug and dry. As the Barbour jacket is what I would consider a timeless investment that will never go out of style something that I want to be able to add to my coat collection in the next couple of years is this absolutely beautiful parka. It still has all those classic Barbour elements but looks a little more snug which of course, is just what we need right now.

  • Patagonia Grey Fleece:I bought my first Patagonia piece this year and it’s a brand that I want to shop more and more from in the upcoming year as it’s an incredibly sustainable brand. As I love what I refer to my sheep jacket so much I’d like something a little more understated and this grey pullover fits in the bill perfectly. Generally, I need an extra layer when I’m out and about with the dogs as even in a typical British summer it can get chilly and this looks perfect.

  • Acne Studio Scarf: I’ve wanted one of these scarves for many, many years and for a designer piece they aren’t too crazy price wise and I know they are something that a lot of people absolutely love. A plain but snuggly scarf is something that will live in my accessory wardrobe forever. And whilst my heart desires a blush pink I should probably purchase a more timeless shade like a grey or black as those shades never go out of style.

  • Rifle Paper Co Homeware: My most loved stationery brand of all time Rifle Paper Co recently released their own homeware pieces and naturally there a few things I would like. Adorned with those beautiful traditional prints from the brand I think a rug and a few pillows would be the perfect addition to my office.

  • Muji Aroma Diffuser: I already have an aroma diffuser that lives in our bedroom but it’s looking a little worse for wear right now so it will probably need to be replaced at some point. The Muji diffusers have always been highly recommended and I love the simple design as well as the options of oils that Muji carries.

  • Sony A600: Every few years I find myself itching to upgrade my camera systems or add in a new piece of tech which considering I take pictures every single day is understandable. Something that has been in the back of my mind is a smaller camera that delivers just as well as a DSLR and from everyone’s rave reviews of this camera from Sony, this might be just the type of thing I’m looking for. As I shoot outside way more often now something a little lighter would be ideal.

  • Charlotte Tilbury Lip Pencil: It’s been a good while since I’ve found myself lusting after any beauty products as I’ve already got more than my fair share at my disposal. But something that has been on my radar for a long time is the Charlotte Tilbury lip pencil in Pillow Talk, a highly praised item in the beauty world and as I’ve used one of her pencils before I know how brilliant they are.

The gift guide to help others

  • Donate to Candy Cane Rescue: I recently learnt about Candy Cane rescue and spent the evening scrolling through their Instagram crying because the work that they do is so important. They rescue dogs (mostly sighthounds) from the Korean meat markets. I can’t even begin to describe how awful the things that those poor animals have to endure and like all rescue centres they need funds to be able to do such good work.

  • Supporting small businesses: When I wrote this post about what to buy for your hound this season I included a lot of my favourite small businesses that cater to hounds and something that I’m very conscious of doing this year is shopping small. Nearly all of the gifts that I’ve bought my sister are from small businesses and it feels so good to support what they’re doing and naturally, it means so much to both parties.

  • Giving your time instead of a gift: Like I mentioned this time of year can often lead to a lot of stress and upset as there is a lot of financial pressure on us to give the most amazing gift. But as I’ve got older the most important thing is to spend time with someone that you love and care about and all I want this Christmas to be with my loved ones and my dogs of course.

  • Donate old coats to the homeless: Every single year I always think about how lucky I am that I know where I’m sleeping that night and that I’ll be warm but so many people are not that fortunate. If you have any old outerwear that you’re no longer than using then please donate it to someone who could really do with that extra layer of warmth this year.


what are your plans this christmas?

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