Your Weekend Reading, Watch & Listen List #2


As the first edition of this new blog segment appeared to go down so well I’m excited to bring you the second instalment. I’m not quite sure this will be a weekly thing, especially in the lead up to the festive period but I’ll be sure to keep them as frequent as possible! So here is your weekend reading, watch and listen list for this week…

  • Read this beautiful post from Carrie on Baring All.

  • A great post on A Cup Of Jo all about intuitive eating, a concept that I absolutely adore and try to live by as it’s bought the joy of food back into my life.

  • Jessica from the blog Little Henry Lee did a wonderful post all about how to start curating your wardrobe.

  • This is an excellent post from Kim about spreading good vibes with social media.

  • We could all probably stand to read this post on ignoring bullies.

  • I’m on a real tofu kick at the moment and this looks like such a lovely dish, especially at this time of year.

  • Just incase you don’t follow Julia, then I highly recommend you do as her style is absolutely beautiful.

  • This is a really sweet alternative to a Christmas tree if you’re also lacking in space!

  • We’re currently watching Brooklyn 99 from the start and I forgot just how good that show is.

  • As well as rewatching Planet Earth 2, nature documentaries are my go to when I feel anxious or worried.

  • It’s an upsetting watch but please donate to the Spanish Galgos and watch the Yo Galgo documentary.

  • Speaking of documentaries I’ve been going through some old Stacey Dooley one’s and throughly enjoying them.

  • And just incase you’re a creepy film lover then I recommend giving The Boy a watch, very unexpected ending.

  • If you don’t follow Dog Wat I Saw then you need to, immediately.

  • I’ve been singing along maybe a little too much to Kasey Musgrave - High Horse.

  • As well as being on a real Fleetwood Mac kick too, but what’s new there?

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what have you been enjoying this week?

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