Finding Your Blogs Image Style

Over the years that I've been doing this whole blogging thing I've really honed in on my image style. I've studied photography for 6 years in total so I've had a lot of to time to find my feet and I don't think your style really stops evolving. Initially finding your groove is a difficult process but I've learnt a few ways to simplify it. 


There are hundreds of photographers that I admire and who have all inspired me in their own way. You can take something different from all those people and put it into practise in your own work. For example, I love the colours of Linda Lomelino's work and her eye for styling. Of course, you shouldn't be straight emulating the work of others, that's just not cool. Being able to take inspiration from somebody is awesome but copying is not.


Without going all Yoga with Adriene on you when you pick up your camera what feels good to you? From the moment that you pick it up you will start to learn what feels natural when you start to shoot. For me, I've always felt a lot more comfortable when shooting landscape images compared to portrait. This is something that you can only find out with practise and self-exploration. 


There are hundreds of images on my hard drive that never see the light of the day. If you've got the time just get out your camera and just shoot, doesn't matter what it is. By shooting at every chance, you've got you really find your style and feel more confident. Something that is super important to remember that is there is no right or wrong with photography, just personal opinions. 


Without a doubt, one of my favourite things about taking photographs for my blog is the amount of styling that goes into them. It takes a while to do, but I think that it brings so much more life to them. Some people tend to keep their images simple and don't like a lot of props to go into them. I've written a post on photography styling here if you fancy reading more on the topic. 


I always go for a bright white airy feel to my images. Even though I love images that have a dark & earthy feel to them like Molly Yeh's photographs and others in a similar vain that style isn't right for my own images.  Like I said you have to find what feels good for you and is complimentary to your work.  


The reason that people love blogs so much is because they differ from person to person. I used to shy away from including my personality in my images, but then I remembered that is what makes them unique to me. As tempting as it is to just follow trends that are floating around the bloggingsphere, in the long run, it's better to stick with your own style.

Do you have any tips for finding your photography style?

R x

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