Foundations For 4 Skin Concerns

I'm sure we would all love to have a normal skin type that we could just apply any base without a care in the world. Over the past few years, my skin has changed so much that I've tackled most complexion concerns and I've had to be wary with what foundation I was using. So today I present my working base wardrobe that has stood the test of time of many a skin complaint. 


The skin type that I'm most used to dealing with is oily. For years I thought I had to wear a matte flat foundation so that it would last all day but that isn't the case. You can have a base that lasts all day without reaching for those typical radiance killers. My favourite finish to go for is something of the satin variety, they're long lasting and add life to the skin instead of sucking it away. The perfect follow-up setting product to a satin foundation is a mineral foundation, a light layer will prolong your base even longer. 

Try: Estee Lauder Double Wear Light, Tarte Airbrush Foundation, MAC Studio Sculpt and YSL Youth Liberator 


I find dry skin incredibly difficult to tackle. Finding something that doesn't cling to every single patch of skin imaginable is no easy task. Most hydrating foundations don't always have the best lasting power either so you want something that not only hydrates your skin but isn't gone within the hour. Good prep is always needed when working with a dry skin type, a hydrating moisturiser/serum is key for a happy complexion. 

Try: YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat, Clarins HydraQuench*, Rimmel Match Perfection and Revlon Nearly Naked


It's easy to get confused between dry and dehydrated skin. Having a dry complexion is a skin type and having dehydrated skin is a skin condition. I tend to go for something lightweight that isn't going to weigh down my skin in the slightest and will try to add as much radiance to the skin as possible. Without any glitter or shimmer particles in sight. 

Try: Rodial Instaglam*, L'oreal Lumi Magique, YSL Youth Liberator and L'oreal True Match


Trying to cover up red sore blemished skin without applying thick heavy layers of foundation is difficult. The key is thin layers. If you've got a lot of blemishes erupting then chances are you don't want to have something on the skin that will not only make them feel worse but suffocate the skin too. I know when my skin is having a hissy fit I try to reach for something that can be built up in coverage wise but feels as natural as possible. 

Try: Laura Mercier Silk CremeTarte Airbrush Foundation, Dr Jart Water Fuse BB Cream and MAC Studio Sculpt

What are your favourite bases for these skin concerns?

R x

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