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I've written organisation posts in the past, but I've never dedicated one entirely to blogging. As I recently got myself nearly two weeks ahead with content it was the perfect time to write a few musings on the topic. Of course, it goes without saying that not everybody wants to go down this route with their blog but I enjoy being as organised as I can be with my content. So if you to want to get a little more organised with yours then here is what I've found to work to my advantage. 


I swear by iCal, I use it for everything. I have multiple calendars to keep my general life on track, but my most used by far is my blog calendar. As I post daily I find it important to know what I have upcoming. It helps me work out the flow and order that I want for my posts so that I'm keeping a good variance and nothing is too similar. 


I'm a planner in all aspects of life so it's only natural that I would be when it comes to my blog. When I think of an idea for a post I then sit and write a plan for it. It helps me so much when it comes to photographing the post as I'm not scrambling around for props and products. In my blog notepad, I usually write the title of the post and then write a check list like:

  • Photograph (including products, where to shoot it and what background to use)
  • Write - including pointers and paragraph ideas 
  • Add links 
  • Schedule 
  • Proof read x 3 


As I don't have unlimited time to work on my blog I shoot in bulk. I find by shooting this way it not only saves me time, but it also allows me to keep a consistent light throughout my images. Even though I've been blogging for years now I still can't type a single word without an image at the top, silly eh? Shooting a weeks worth of images takes me a while but this is when a plan comes in handy because you will know what you're shooting and exactly what you need. 


This has taken me a lot of practice. Not being a natural born writer I used to really struggle to write multiple posts in advance. Nowadays I'm a lot more used to it so can get around 4/5 done in a few hours if I don't get distracted by my phone or Bella. Writing in advance is awesome in so many ways but especially for proofreading. I can't write something and then proof read it, I can never catch my mistakes. By proofreading a day or two after you've got all your word vomit out you can go back and easily edit it. 


I've been doing these little checklists for a while. They're shorter than my planning list. I write down all the content for the week and then along the top I write 'P W S PR'. This stands for; photograph, write, schedule and proofread. I can then see at a glance what is still left to do on that post. Such a simple little system but one that really works. 


As sharing your post on social media is an important step to getting yourself out there then using something like Buffer is vital. You can schedule 10 tweets or Facebook posts in advance (any more and you have to pay). I don't always have the time or remember to tweet out my latest post so it's a complete life saver. It also lets you attach images which makes your tweets a lot more exciting if you ask me. 

Do you have tips for getting organised with your blog?

R x

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