The Style & Beauty Items That Make Me Feel Like Myself

We all have those items that make you truly feel like yourself. Pulling on a familiar outfit and applying makeup that makes you feel instantly awesome is such a confidence booster. I thought today I would share the style and beauty items that always make me feel like myself, no matter what.


Because, obviously, you didn't see this one coming did you? 6 years ago I never wore any type of pattern until one day I bought a striped top and it was like the missing piece of my wardrobe puzzle. Not only are they a classic, but I truly believe there isn't a soul out there who looks bad in them. Safe to say I've never met a stripe that I didn't like.


My Uniform Wares watch that my boyfriend kindly gifted me for my 24th birthday has barely left my wrist since. Before that it was my classic Daniel Wellington. When I don't have a watch on I feel like I'm missing something. As I'm not much of a jewellery wearer this is one of the only accessories that I wear. 


Like I said, I'm not much of a jewellery wearer. One of the only items I wear apart from my watch is my bumblebee necklace. I've got a real soft spot for little bees. Not only are they awesome and do a lot of stuff for the world that we live in I think that they are beautiful. 

TOTE BAG (normally tan)

You only need to see a few of my outfit's on Instagram to know that I'm always carrying a tote bag. Much to my shoulders dismay. I don't think you can go wrong with a tote, you can fit everything you need in them and they're such a staple piece. 


Even though I love my trainers I pretty much live in ballet flats for 90% of the year. Topshop is where I normally pick mine up from. Apart from when Primark release their peep toe's each year. Having tattooed feet makes it surprisingly difficult to experiment with footwear so I just stick to the simple ballet flat. Again they're such a classic piece that you can't go wrong with.


A staple in my wardrobe for over 8 years now. My Topshop faux leather jacket has served me well but I think it might have to be retired soon as it's a little big for me now. They can be worn all year round and are a great staple for a British summer. I go for the faux variety and I don't think you can ever tell too much of a difference.


Shades like Tarte's Exposed and NARS Douceur have become such a staple in my routine. Having a lot of freckles on my cheeks can sometimes make brighter blush shades look completely out of place so I tend to steer clear of them. My latest blush love has been the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in Mood Exposure. It's the perfect subtle but glow inducing blush that I've ever come across. 


Most people would probably go for a concealer over a foundation but when I apply a good base it gives me an instant confidence boost. Even though I've been forgoing makeup a lot lately I still don't think I'll ever be able to beat that feeling of applying your favourite base. 


For nearly an entire year, I only wore red on my fingers and toes. From orangey coral shades to deep dark burgundies I would rotate between them all. I weened myself off them slightly this year and branched out into more shades. After slicking on a classic red this week I totally feel like myself again. Paired with a classic breton it's a fail safe way to fake being Parisian too! 


Basically my natural lip shade but better. For years, I tried to wear really nude shades because so many blogs said that they suited everyone. No they don't. Even though I'm a sucker for a red a vintage pink is where my heart truly lies. 


Whether it be mattifying or illuminating I always apply power. Even if a base can do without it then I will still set it into place. Maybe it's just a habit now but I don't feel my makeup is really complete without a quick dusting of whatever I might be using. 

What style and beauty items make you feel like yourself?

R x

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