Getting Stuff Done When You've Got Serious Brain Fog

The past week I've experienced the worst brain fog I've ever encountered. And whether I believe Mercury being in Retrograde could be the culprit or not is a whole different matter. But regardless of what the cause was, I've still had a terribly foggy brain and it's made getting anything done seriously difficult. And when you work from home and you're your own boss it's not the best combination. Because of course, I still have to get things done. So here are a few ways I've found to still get things done whilst working around the brain fog if it's something you're dealing with too. 


A productive to-do list is key for a good work day whether you've got brain fog or not. Making your list too lengthy is never good as it makes you feel overwhelmed before you've even made a start on your work day. Here are a few ways to make your to-do list as easy to tackle as possible;

  1. Allocate time slots to certain projects. 
  2. Put your tasks into order of importance and work through them in that order.
  3. Allow wiggle room.
  4. Have your non negotiable tasks and then also write in breaks for yourself. 
  5. Make it reasonable and less than a page long, anything longer isn't ever productive and just completely overwhelming. 


Having the freedom to switch up your routine isn't always possible but if it is, then use it to your advantage. Having a structured routine to your day can work wonders but often it can become monotonous and dull. And it could be a small thing like instead of running in the morning do it after work or tackle your inbox in the afternoon rather than first thing. Change is always something we need to challenge ourselves once again and give us a fresh perspective. 


Going through a burnout and having terrible brain fog feels pretty much the same. It's not pretty and it can fill you with panic and dread when you're not doing things to the standard that you normally do. Something super important to remember is that you're not a robot just here to do the hard work and hustle. You're a human who needs a break every now and then and there's nothing wrong with that. Looking after yourself not only physically but mentally too is important for a good relationship with work. 


If you're fortunate enough to work from home then getting outside of your usual four walls into the outside world is awesome. Being cooped up constantly isn't great for our productivity levels and can be stifling. And whilst the weather is hopefully going to be fine during the summer months it's the perfect time to make the most out of being able to take your work outside. I've always found I'm so much more productive when I work outside compared to if I'm sat inside on a sunny day and there's no reason not to do it if your job allows you to. If you work in a more traditional office setting than taking your lunch break outside or going for a little walk can do your mind wonders and set you up for the rest of the day. 


Taking a little step back from everything is always helpful but it's not always possible to do it for days or weeks. As obviously things still have to get done and you can't just run away from your responsibilities [no matter how tempting it sounds]. Even something as small as taking a step back for a few minutes can give you a fresh perspective on a task and give you a burst of energy to get the rest of it done. It's also super important to cut yourself a little bit of slack, it's not possible to always be at 100% and doing everything amazingly well. And even though it might feel rubbish it's all something we encounter from time to time and you're never as alone as you think you are in your struggle. 

Do you have any tips for working through brain fog?

R x

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