Lightweight Bases; The Good & The Bad

Finding a good lightweight base for the summer months is tough. So often they can wear away within a few minutes or offer up little to no coverage. I've rounded up some of the best I've found today for a multitude of skin types and one that sadly doesn't live up to the hype. 

DR JART BB CREAM: When the BB creams first started making the rounds in the UK market this was the one that everyone went a little crazy for. If it had a better shade range then it's one that I would reach for all year round as in the winter months it's far too dark for me. One shade suits all type of products are always a slight disappointment as they can neve cater for a large demographic.  However when my skin is a little more sun-kissed it's a lovely option. It's a hydrating base that helps with oil so if your skin type is oily and dehydrated then it's one to look into. One of the best things about this base is how well it covers redness. So it can be worn alone for a minimal makeup look that still covers up imperfections or underneath makeup as a colour corrective base. 

LA ROCHE POSAY BB BLUR CREME*: The title of this product doesn't give it justice at all and might even put off a lot of people having the word 'mousse' in its tagline. Part of me is wary to even include it in a light weight base round up as it offers up the same amount of coverage that a medium foundation does. It's amazing for smoothing out the complexion and perfecting it without the need for a ton of products. If you've got dry or dehydrated skin then this isn't appropriate as it does absorb any excess oil you might have. Which is great news for oily skinned girls who still want a base that feels incredibly light on the skin. Sadly the shade range is dire with only two options available but if you do manage to fit into those two shades it's a really great base for the warmer months as it includes an SPF. 

CLARINS HYDRAQUENCH TINTED MOISTURISER*: This is the epitome of a lightweight tinted moisturiser to me. It's appropriate for a slightly more mature skin than a teenage complexion and it contains a lot of hydrating properties that could slide off a really oily complexion. Although with a good primer and powder you can make it work but there are a lot better options out there for that skin type. It's a versatile base product as it can be worn alone as a lightweight base that has a small amount of coverage. Or underneath a more mattifying foundation to create a satin base.

BARE MINERALS COMPLEXION RESCUE*: This lightweight base received a lot of hype upon its release last year. It's very similar to your standard tinted moisturiser in formulation and finish which is great if you have more dry or dehydrated skin. However if you have oily skin then I don't see this working well at all as it's so illuminating and dewy on the skin. Which of course if that's what you like in your base products then its great but for more oily girls then it's not advisable. The coverage that it offers is minimal but can be built up slightly in the areas that you need it but if you need a lot of coverage then again this isn't it for you. After all the hype surrounding this product I did expect a little more but as a standard lightweight base it meets the quota. And it does have a great SPF built in making it good for beach days when you do want to perfect your complexion slightly. 

ERBORIAN CC CRÈME*: If you've got a larger budget for your base then this is lovely, pricey yes but I think it's good enough to warrant that price tag. It's a hybrid between a primer and moisturiser but it contains colour correcting properties meaning it can be worn alone as a base. The formulation of this product is beautiful, it's incredibly lightweight and comforting to the complexion even when it's stressed and battling breakouts. Although it is so light it still covers up imperfections and tackles redness with ease which when used underneath another base eliminates the need for heavy concealers or correctors. 

What are your favourite lightweight bases?

R x

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