Getting Things Done Over The Festive Period When You Just Want To Relax

I really wanted to title this post 'Getting shit done when you just want to lay down and eat a tin of Quality Streets to yourself'. Because I think there is a small or large part in all of us that just wants to do that during the festive period. However, it's not always an option and even though it's a season that prides itself on rest I always find myself exceptionally busy in the run up to Christmas and then still having super busy days in the midst of the festive period. As much as we like to think the world slows down for a few days it doesn't and the vast majority of us still have to work to make ends meet. So here's a little guide to still getting things done when you're lacking the motivation to do so. 


There are some things that we just can't avoid doing as much as we like to sometimes. Prioritising them first and making sure they get done is so important as then it allows us to make room for things that are much more enjoyable. I know this is the time of the year where I only tend to do what is entirely necessary and other things like hobbies or free work gets left alone for a little while so I can take some time off with my loved ones.  During this season it might be the only time that we get to see certain people in our lives and when you don't see a loved one all year it's so important to try and make the time for them if possible.


If there is one thing that I hate about the festive season is how dark it is, yes the twinkly lights look beautiful. But I really struggle when it's getting dark at around 3.30 as it tricks my brain into thinking that it needs to wind down. If you're working in retail or in an office then you probably will have a lot of light around which is great. But if you work from home or you're studying [it is dissertation season after all] then try and fill your room with as much light as possible. Light [especially blue light] can really help your mind not feel so lethargic as when the sun goes down and you're drawing the curtains. 


When we have a lot of other things happening in our schedule as well as wanting to just take some time off for ourselves to do whatever we please there is no better time to try and work smarter. And it's not about being so busy that you burn yourself out or run yourself into the ground so you spend whatever time you do have off feeling so exhausted and out of it then it's not enjoyable at all. The biggest thing for me for getting everything done effectively is to make sure I get rid of any distractions. So I tuck my phone away so that I'm not tempted to sit and scroll through Instagram gazing at what everyone else is doing, blocking social media websites from my internet browser and being quiet. I used to be someone who couldn't do anything unless they had some sort of background noise but lately I've discovered that if I'm sat without anything else on that I get things done at a rapid rate. Granted it's not as enjoyable but at least it gets stuff done quicker so then I can do all the festive things I'd much rather be doing. 


I think this is something that works all year round but especially during the festive season. It could be something really small like 'if I get all these tasks done I can watch something and eat some chocolate'. Which sounds ridiculous and almost childish but sometimes we need those little treats to get us through when it seems like everyone else is galavanting around having fun and we're stuck at our desks. And the things that you reward yourself don't have to be huge or pricey it can be something tiny that you know you love but it just makes it that little bit easier to get through the day. 


Saying no whether you're in a traditional job role or self-employed is hard and 95% of the time isn't an option. Because let's be honest we all need money to get by and if you can earn more you're going to take it. If you know it's something that you can afford to go without then maybe think about saying no. Personally, the thought of turning something down is terrifying and something I rarely do. But when your schedule is already jam-packed and you know that you definitely don't have time for something sometimes it's the only option. 

Do you have any tips for being productive during the holidays?

R x

Rebecca WarrinerLifestyle