How To Have Fresh Start This September


September is the new January for me. And this year especially I've felt the need for a fresh start after an odd summer, the heatwave, to begin with, was glorious but it turns out even I, a serious sun lover needs a little bit of rain now and again. So now the weather has finally gone back to what we all expect it to be for September I've got that back to school feeling and here are few ways to really embrace a fresh start this September.


leave the summer behind

Something that I used to be so guilty for is constantly going back to the warmer months and putting on my rose-tinted glasses, waxing lyrical about how amazing they were. Even though August is always a tough time for me as it marks my mum's death anniversary, I still adore summer. And there is absolutely no denying that when it's warmer and our Vitamin D levels are being topped up we're all a little bit happier. This summer frankly, has been a little odd for me so I'm glad to be moving into the last quarter of the year. But because my mind also loves to dwell on things I can all too easily get myself stuck in the past constantly going over things that hold no importance. So whether it was the best summer of your life or terrible, September is a great fresh start marker and we can leave everything behind. We can all be a sucker for nostalgia sometimes and our mind always likes to make out that it was better than it actually was and it's all too easy to live in the past [or future] rather than the present.

set yourself new goals [if you want]

Often, it's all too easy to get caught up in thinking that we need to be constantly setting ourselves new goals to work towards because that is what everyone else is doing. Not everyone wants to work towards goals or likes always needing something to be ticked off their to-do list and that's ok, it doesn't mean you don't have drive or ambition. Personally, I like to have goals with a good amount of wiggle room so that they change and evolve with me rather than constantly battling against me. This time of year is also great for ditching any goals that you set at the beginning of 2018 and they've not quite worked out for you but you're still feeling the pressure to keep on working towards them.



I'm utterly obsessed with decluttering right now, I've made such good headway with the clothes that I wasn't wearing and selling them on that I want to go through the entire house. The only downside to decluttering is that it takes a lot of time and that amount of time isn't always at our disposal. As soon as it's time to switch our wardrobes back over to cosy knits and long sleeves [although the Breton's never left my clothing rail]. It's the best time to go through your wardrobe and see what worked and what didn't. This year I feel like I've really nailed my summer wardrobe with pieces that are not only practical but something that I'll be able to pull out again which is exactly what I want in all my clothing pieces. Decluttering [for most of us] is something that we find incredibly cathartic and I am one of those people, I love knowing that everything that I have around is something that I use regularly and most importantly love. This time of year is also a good time to have a thorough clean much like we do in Spring, even if it does mean tackling the dreaded kitchen cupboards.


new purchases for the season 

Although you by no means need to purchase anything to have a fresh start it's nice to treat yourself every so often to new things. Hands down my favourite thing about going back to school was that I'd get to go and pick up a new pencil case and other stationery pieces for the year. As well as the dreaded uniform shopping. And even though I've not been in education for years I still get the urge to run to WHSmith and buy some new pens. Let's just say that I've always been obsessed with stationery and I'm sure that will follow me through life. Here are some of my favourite things I like to purchase when September comes around;

- new notepad 

- an 18 month diary or open date planner. 

- A/W coat 

- boots 

- jumpers 

something to look forward to

Of course, we are approaching the festive season and that is what the vast majority of us are working towards but when the nights start turning earlier and the temperatures drop we all need something to look forward to. And it would be amazing if those things could be something like a weekend away but realistically that's not feasible for most of us so the small little things are always good to have on the horizon. Things like;

  • Buying fresh cosy sheets to climb into after a long day. 
  • The first wear of fresh tights [tell me I'm not alone with my love for this]
  • New stationery to fill.
  • A fresh book. 
  • A hairdressers appointment. 
  • Dinner at your favourite restaurant
  • A seasonal walk with some of your favourite humans.
  • Having the weekend off with zero plans. 

What are your favourite ways to refresh for the season ahead?

Rebecca WarrinerLifestyle