A/W Capsule Wardrobe Plans


When I wake up with the dogs I can feel Autumn in the air, it quickly burns off and it's nice 16 degrees most days right now but the cooler season is most definitely upon us. Although I'm not so excited for the lack of light something I am pretty excited about is to start dressing for cool, crisp days and as I've already shared the pieces that I want to pull out again. I thought today I would share some of the things that I'm looking into purchasing. I love writing posts like this as they keep me accountable and I think maybe in a couple of months I will do a follow up to show what I've bought and what I decided against.

barbour beadnell jacket

You might have already seen that I've bought this jacket. I cleared out my wardrobe and sold a good chunk of the things that I wasn't using anymore which meant I could purchase a high price tag item like this. And I know some of you will be wondering why I got another Barbour when I loved the one I had so much, I'd wanted the classic Beadnell style for a while as it's a touch more fitted than the piece I already had. I even wrote about it in a post back in January. I was pondering a rain jacket for the end of the season and going into Autumn but I knew deep down this was a purchase I wanted to make for the long run. When this coat arrived and I tried it on it was the perfect fit as they make the Beadnell in a size 4 and due to the nature of the Barbour fit they are ever so slightly oversized so even with a big chunky knit this fits exactly how I want. I also went for the Sage colour rather than the Olive which I had previously, it's a touch darker and a little shinier. But what I like the most about the sage is the colour of the tartan lining. My old Barbour went to a lovely new home as I knew realistically I couldn't wear both and because I'm trying my best to be as minimal as I feel comfortable doing I sold it on.

alexa chung m&s cream jumper

If I remember rightly this collaboration came out last year? Anyway, I loved this jumper as soon as I saw it, it's right up my street with the type of knitwear that I like to wear, I have no idea why I didn't purchase when it was released but anyway. Naturally, it's sold out now so the only way I was going to get my hands on this jumper was on eBay or Depop and after a few ignored messages on Depop I found it on eBay in my size. It turns out eBay auctions are something that make me far too tense but I did win this lovely piece for a mere £10.50 and I'm far too excited about its arrival. It's not like anything else I own due to the high neck style which I didn't used to like but now my hair is shorter it's something I find myself gravitating towards. Paired with my new Barbour and either loafers or boots it's going to be a great staple in my wardrobe and something I can see myself getting a lot of wear out of.


brown chelsea boots

It wasn't until last year that I really got into wearing boots and I have a lovely pair of burgundy Chelsea boots waiting to be cracked out again as soon as the weather turns. This year I think I'd like to invest in a tan pair, in the past I've always gravitated towards tan rather than black when it comes to my footwear. But I no longer own a pair as my last pair got ruined when I fell in a sludgy puddle walking Josie. With boots, I always find them a little difficult to shop for as there are so many different cuts and styles and if they don't sit at the right point of my leg then they can be a little unflattering. Purchases like this are multi-use as I can wear them day to day but on drier dog walks I can also pull them on.

fjallraven bag in burgundy

I already own one of these backpacks and it's one of the best purchases that I've ever made. Backpacks, in general, are something that I've come to love as they're so incredibly useful, who knew being able to move both of your arms freely would be such a game changer? I used to think they were a fad and would age horribly but they don't at all and this burgundy shade is lovely and something that would sit with the rest of my wardrobe well. The only downside is burgundy, as beautiful as it is isn't something I find is easily transitioned throughout the rest of the year and I try not to purchase anything that I can't use all year.

rollneck jumper

Like I said, roll neck or high neck jumpers are not something I've ever found myself wanting to purchase as I was worried that they weren't quite right on me. And I'm still not a thousand percent sure but like I said, now my hair is shorter and doesn't overtake my whole face I think they'll work a little better. I want pieces like these for the days where it's still cold enough for a jumper and coat but not quite cool enough for a blanket like scarf. I have a feeling this is going to be a purchase that takes a lot of trial and error to find something that really works for me, my body and my style.

H&M grey knit 

I have a jumper in this style that I've had for a couple of years so I already know that these simple knits last well and go well in my wardrobe. Again, for this current climate, they're a great go to as it's not quite super thick knit weather but it's not long sleeve weather either. Although dark greys are an obvious go to during the cooler months I can't help but reach for them every year. They are perfect in combination with dark bottoms and a navy or forest green coat on top which is what my wardrobe consists of in the cooler months. And although I'd love to reach for lighter shades they just don't work for me and my lifestyle. At a mere £17.99 for a good quality knit in an array of colours I don't think they can be sniffed at!


What do you want to purchase for A/W?

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