How To Stop Feeling The Pressure

All throughout my early 20's I felt an immense pressure from every single thing I did. I wasted so much time worrying and whittling about what other people were thinking and how I wasn't keeping up with other people my age. And as I've grown up and got into the later half of my twenties I've realised that there are a few things that take away that pressure that we all feel from outside sources. And how by removing them can result in feeling a lot happier. 


If someone had said this to me a few years ago I would have rolled my eyes and said it was complete rubbish. However, sitting down and writing down the things that are really important to you to achieve in your life and your aims and goals is a great practice. And these are things that you don't have to share with anyone else and just keep them to yourself. So you don't have to edit yourself to be a certain way you can be completely free with what you want. Knowing your values and intentions is half the battle I think when it comes to not feeling the pressure from outside sources anymore. 


I love social media and how many amazing things can come from it but it's a well-known fact that it can also cause a lot of unhappiness. When you see other people doing things it's far too easy to convince yourself that you need to be doing them as well. And it's so easy to forget that you don't need to be doing that. As none of us run life at the same pace and we don't want all want to achieve the same things. Having something in your life that constantly makes you question your own choices isn't fun and can have a really negative effect on your happiness. Getting rid of those outside sources is key and we're complete in control of what we consume so taking it into your own hands is so important. 


A great life mantra to live by is that if you wouldn't say something to your best friend then it's not something that you should ever tell yourself. As a nation, we're all pretty horrible to ourselves and it's become almost normal in our society to constantly be cruel and unkind to yourself rather than raising yourself up. And it's something that we should all be doing a lot more often. Being your own best friend and cheerleader is something that we can all do and relying on yourself to bring yourself up is one of the best things that you can do. 


Making other people happy with your actions is a lovely thing to do. But revolving your entire life around the happiness of someone else isn't. And it's all too easy to do because we all want our most loved ones to approve of our actions and choices. It's easy to slip into doing things just to make other people happy even when it isn't making yourself happy. Being selfish is seen as such a negative thing but it's not and something that should be encouraged when making our personal decisions. Because the sad reality of it is that we can live our whole lives trying to please other people when they could leave our lives at any given second whilst we are always with ourselves. And when our personal choices don't affect anyone but ourselves it seems silly to base them on the thoughts and feelings of others. 

What are your thoughts on this?

R x

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