Lip Balms That Actually Work

Lip balm is one of those beauty products that's really easy to get wrong. You might think that you're using something that is helping your lips but more often than not they're not doing anything at all. Here are the best lip balms I've found ranging from high street to high end that really do work.  

DIOR CREME DE ROSE: The elephant in the room when it comes to this balm is that it's seriously expensive and it appears to have been discontinued in the UK but is on its way back onto our counters. As the high price tag might suggest it's a beautiful balm and one that's a complete treat to the lips and helps get rid of any dryness with ease. The formulation is lightweight on the lips and can be worn alone for a pretty glossy sheen or underneath more matte lip products to even out their drying effects. 

LANOLIPS LIP OINTMENT TINTED & ORIGINAL*:If you're allergic to Lanolin than this balm isn't one for you but if you're not it's lovely. It's quite thick in consistency but once massaged into the lips it melts down to a glossy finish. That still provides intense hydration and provides almost a protective barrier to the lips. The original balm is a total do it all product and can be used on other ailments skin ailments like dry cuticles and cuts. But the tinted varieties are strictly lip products only. 

NUXE REVE DE MIEL: This a cult lip balm that's loved by so many people and with good reason. It's a lot different to other products on the market because it's a matte balm and doesn't give the lips a glossy finish like 90% of other lip treatments. So for that reason, it's ideal under lipsticks if you're suffering from any severe dryness. The formulation is not only a dream to apply but it smells absolutely heavenly, like a Terry's Chocolate Orange. As the balm is so thick it's important not to apply too much on the skin around the lips as this can cause breakouts. 

BAGSY LIP CACOON*: Any highly nourishing balm that comes in a twist-up stick is automatically a great option in my eyes. If you've used any balm from Burt's Bees this is incredibly similar but it feels a little more gritty on which gives an almost light exfoliation to the lips. It's not a balm that gives a seriously heavy dose of hydration but for a daytime balm it's lovely and again it's another great option to go underneath any other lip product. Especially lip liners or more drying lip options. 

ELIZABETH ARDEN 8 HOUR BALM: This is a staple in my beauty collection. It's so much more than a lip balm as it tackles any dryness, cuts, grazes and any flaky patches of skin. And can even be used as a glossy highlight for a modelesque glow. It's a product that is only suitable to be used at night as it's so thick and almost goo like in consistency. But it does a wonderful job at treating any severe dryness overnight. Some can't abide the smell of this even though I personally love it you can buy a fragrance-free version if you want the benefits without the scent. 

FRESH SUGAR LIPBALMS: Before you all roll your eyes, I know that I mention these balms far too often but when you really love a beauty product why not shout about it? Just in case you've not seen my rave reviews about them before. They're balms that behave like lipsticks but they're so hydrating on the lips you wouldn't know that they contained any colour pigment. If the dreamy formulation isn't enough to keep you coming back. They also contain an SPF which is key in any lip product during the summer months as burnt lips are incredibly painful to deal with. 

SOAP & GLORY SMOOCH OPERATOR*: This tiny balm from body care champions Soap & Glory is a lovely little balm. If you want a serious boost of hydration without the thick or sticky formulation that some balms tend to have this is a great one to go for. It's another one that creates a barrier effect on the lips so for that reason it works well for running outdoors when it's a windy to prevent any chapping. But of course being in a pot it's not the easiest to take on the go which is a shame. 

KORRES LIP BUTTERS: If you've got seriously dry lips then these pretty potted balms from Korres might not be for you as they're don't provide an intense hit of hydration. But for a pretty wash of colour that can be built up to a more opaque finish or blotted down to more of a stain with a medium level of hydration they're lovely. However, if you're not a lover of balms in pots then they do come in a twist up formulation too. Which is much better for a girl on the go as no-one wants to deal with dirty fingers in a pot or faffing around with a lip brush when out and about. 

What are your favourite lip balms?

R x

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