My Favourite Things For A Productive Day

Productive days are my favourite days. When it gets to around 6/7pm and I feel truly accomplished with the work that I've completed are the best. When I know I'm setting myself up for a busy few hours there are a few necessities I like to have by my side to aid me with my workload


A few years ago I picked up a water tumbler like this and it's one of the best purchases that I've ever made. As it's been so warm in the UK I've been needing to up my water intake anyway. I like to pop a couple of slices in lemon in a big ice cold jug of water and keep it on my desk at all times. Not only does water have a ton of health benefits, I find it helps me focus a lot more and keep my head clear.


I work quite a lot on trains and I find not having the distraction of social media so easily in reach does wonders for my work. If I'm writing blog posts then I simply open up the page that I'm working on and turn off my wi-fi. I know there quite a few sites that block websites for a certain amount of time which I used when I was writing my dissertation. As awesome as the internet is it can be a huge distraction.


For a long time I thought candles were just reserved for relaxation. Nowadays I can't get enough of burning them whilst I'm hard at work. It ties into making a nice work environment for yourself which I think is key for a productive day. As I'm a regular candle burner I can't fuel a Diptyque habit as much as I love them so I stick to Primark and IKEA tealights. They're 99p a pack and burn incredibly well for the price. 


Just like I find the internet can be a distraction so is my phone. There is a reason why employers make you lock it away somewhere safe. I move my phone into the landing or another room, not too far away in case it rings but far enough. Just so that I won't sit and waste time scrolling through Instagram looking at pictures of dogs. 


I'm somebody who works better with music in the background. A few days a go I tried to switch across to Apple music, but that is by far one of the worst things I've tried to take on. I think I will sticking with Spotify for a good while yet. I love curating my own playlists and using the artist radio function to find new music in the same genre.


If my environment is messy then I can't focus. If there are pieces of paper and cups all around me I cannot get in the work mindset. I'm a big believer in tidy desk = tidy mind. When you're working away then you're bound to make some mess and that's ok, but I tend to tidy up as I go. Having a small workspace doesn't allow me to create too much chaos which is a great discipline to learn. 


We all know how much I love stationery, probably a little too much in the eyes of others. Writing to do lists and ticking them off is one the most satisfying things about a productive workday. There are some online programmes I like such as Teuxdeux and Evernote but there is just something about putting pen to paper and scribbling away that I can't resist. My notepads remind of my university days where I always had to complete a workbook for whatever project I was working on. I think they can be great for the idea's process as you can look back on old notepads and see what was going through your mind at the time and revisit old ideas.


I've spoken before about how important I think getting dressed is to have a productive day but the attire I choose has to be comfortable. Jeans and an underwired bra are not pieces that scream comfort me. I tend to always go for a smart casual affair up top but on the bottom I'm more than likely going to be in sweatpants or shorts. I won't be winning any fashion awards dressing like but at least I'm comfortable. 

What are your essentials for a productive day?

R x

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