Why Spring Is The Best Season To Get Shit Done

If you followed my blog at all this Winter just gone you will know that I'm not a big fan of the season, whereas most people seem to revel in A/W and love getting all cosy. It's a time of year that I struggle with and last year was probably one of the hardest yet so to say I've welcomed in Spring would be an understatement. And on a dog walk a few days ago when I was stood with my face soaking up the sun it made me realise all the best things that happen in Spring and why I think it's the best season to get shit done.


Now that the clocks have gone back we're truly in the season of lighter days and it's glorious. Whilst it getting dark at around 5pm makes it super easy to switch off from work it really limits the ability to get things done and I find it completely kills the longing too as well. I know that typically when I finish my work day at around 5/6 and I can still get out for a dog walk or be able to start on something new because the sun is still shining and my mind isn't being tricked into thinking it's time for bed. As well as making a fresh start on personal projects one of my favourite things to do when the evenings are lighter is be able to read in the last remaining sun spot in the house, it's truly glorious.


If you've not noticed the flurry of florals on your Instagram feed then you can't have possibly logged onto the platform for a good month. But it's pretty obvious when you step inside that everything is coming into bloom and it makes getting out and about so much more appealing. I'm a sucker for dreary Winter walks but being able to get out and being able to soak up the Sun even if it's still a little chilly makes me feel alive once again. Which of course is a very dramatic way to describe how I feel about Spring but if you struggle at all in the Winter you will know the exact emotion I'm referring to. Seeing everything come into bloom is good for the soul [and the Instagram content].


I'm very much a homebody and absolutely adore being inside. But being able to get out and about without having to worry about being super cold or being rained on is so good. I've spoken a lot about how much I rely on getting out of the house, even just for half an hour a day and the positive effect it has on my mental state. It's like a grey cloud has being lifted off me, quite literally when you live in the UK. Unless you have a job that physically puts you in the elements we all spend an awful lot of time inside and after a while, it can really start to take a toll on your mental state. I know that when I'm inside too often for too long  I tend to get incredibly anxious and the amount I overthink goes even further and I end up in a mess with my mind. Getting a good dose of Vitamin D is a big part of just our day to day life and it's something that we all need. 


When the sun shines I'm like a completely different person. My mood is completely lifted regardless of what is going on in my life and I think a lot of people also feel that way. Everyone just seems that little bit happier and it makes being out and about a lot nicer. It's such a small thing but it makes all the difference to how your day can pan out. 


  • Visit National Trust properties.
  • Set myself personal projects to work on.
  • Be more creative with my photography. 
  • Have lunch outside.
  • Make plans for the upcoming season. 
  • Read, read and read some more. 
  • Spring clean. 
  • Have a general refresh of everything from beauty to my wardrobe. 
  • Get out for a family dog walk. 

What are your favourite things about Spring?