The Joy Of A Good To-Do List

My to-do lists are my best friends. My work day would be nowhere near as constructive without them helping me get everything done. It seems like such a simple thing, but they increase my productivity levels ten fold. So, today, I present to you the joy of a good to-do list and how to make yours super productive.


  1. Make multiple lists and prioritise them with what tasks need doing first.
  2. Break the tasks down and include every step that has to be completed.
  3. Don't make them overcomplicated, there is nothing scarier than a to-do list longer than your arm.
  4. List the most important tasks at the top. 
  5. Keep your work and life lists separate so you don't go from answering e-mails to doing the washing. 
  6. Make the tasks specific. So if you have 'write a blog post' maybe write 'write a rough draft for Friday's post and add links'.
  7. Put a time limit on certain items so you don't waste the entire day trying to tackle them.
  8. Start a new list every day.


  • Crossing everything off your list is one of the most satisfying feelings in the world.
  • They are great for helping you stay on track with your day and not going off task by watching rabbit videos on YouTube.
  • Breaking down tasks makes everything seem so much more do-able.
  • They are the perfect excuse for buying pretty stationery.
  • You don't end up forgetting really important tasks.
  • When working in a team you can create a shared list so everybody is on track.

Are you a fan of to-do lists?

R x

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